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Real estate leads Lagos Nigeria - There are several ways to get real estate leads both online and offline. Some property leads generation methods work while some others don't. As a real estate agent, what lead generation method are you using?

Here are a few property lead generation strategies you may find useful.

1. Distribution of handbills

Many estate agents print handbills with a list of properties they have for rent and sale and then distribute these along the streets of Lagos.

This strategy is often used by estate agents with large portions of land for sale within an estate or already built housing units for sale within an estate. These estate agents figure they can generate real estate leads through this strategy. The efficacy of this strategy can best be imagined because there is no solid evidence that this actually delivers expected result.

2. Advertising In Real Estate Magazines

There are several real estate magazines in Lagos Nigeria with one particular brand being the most popular. This brand boast of having over 50,000 real estate listings per issue. Whether that is an exaggeration or not, I can't say for sure.

However, it is a pretty popular magazine and commands a lot of adverts by Nigeria real estate agents within and outside Lagos Nigeria.

Besides the major property magazines, many real estate agents generate real estate leads through popular daily Nigeria newspapers using the classified ads section and several other pages within these popular newspapers. A particular large sized real estate company have this habit of advertising latest properties on the front page of the prime newspaper in Nigeria. That is pretty expensive and only the very big companies can afford that kind of advertising expense.

3. Advertising Online

A great way to generate property leads is to advertise online on this web site or on internet advertising networks like Google or Yahoo! The problem with that is that the moment you stop advertising, you stop getting leads to your real estate business.

There is a better and cheaper way.

4. Build A Web Site That Generate Unlimited Leads

A better way to generate real estate leads through the internet is to build a web site that works . . . a popular and profitable web site.

For example, as at the time of this writing, this real estate web site has over 600 unique visitors per day. That is, over 18,000 unique visitors per month. And it is all free. I don't pay for these visitors. They find me online and they contact me and we do business.

Think about it. How much more money do you think you can make if you can build a web site that generates 18,000 plus visitors or leads per month to your real estate business?

Much more business and much more profit, right?

Thinking of generating property leads online free of charge?

Explore Site Build It! . . . the online business building software. With Site Build It! (SBI!), you don't just build a web site, you build a web business just like me.

Real estate is big business. But it won't be big business for you if you cannot generate leads for your business.

Remember . . . more leads or more potential customers equals more money in your pocket.

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