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This is a job directory for Nigeria real estate jobs. The job vacancies listed below are posted by real estate companies searching for specific skills . . . the skills you have.

You have two options as you read this:

1. Search for jobs by looking through the list of Nigeria job vacancies posted on this page or the appropriate page accessible through one of the links below or

2. Post your real estate jobs on this page or one of the pages accessible through one of the links below using the form provided

Real estate is big business every where in the world because everyone needs a home to lay his head after a hard day's work. It doesn't matter whether it's a rented home or your personal home. Every one needs a home.

We have over 6 billion people living earth wide. The demand and, hence, the volume of real estate business done is huge since everyone of this 6 billion people need a home irrespective of their financial status.

Consequently, there is constant demand for real estate professionals to cater for this huge market that is constantly evolving.

You could be the next superstar getting a jaw-dropping offer from well established real estate companies in Nigeria or beyond the shores of Nigeria.

There are three parts to this directory.

1. Nigeria Real estate jobs directory - Jobs posted by Nigeria real estate companies seeking to employ Nigerians

2. International Real estate Job Directory - Jobs in real estate posted by international real estate companies

3. Real Estate Applicants Directory - CVs posted by applicants searching for jobs in real estate

The purpose of these directories is to connect job applicants to companies where real estate vacancies exist. So, this set of directories is sort of a community service to employers and applicants.

That means, employers can post their job vacancies free. And applicants can post their CVs free.

This service is totally FREE!

Get The Most From The Directories

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This directory is about jobs in real estate. This simply means that only real estate companies with existing vacancies should post job vacancies here.

What about applicants?

Some have mistaken the fact that this is a Nigeria real estate jobs directory to mean that only graduates of estate management, architecture, or civil engineering can post their CVs here.

This is a common misconception.

The truth is . . . real estate companies need much more than engineers, estate management experts, and architects to do profitable business. They also need accountants, safety officers, public administration and communications experts, human resource professionals . . . and much more.

Real estate companies in Nigeria and worldwide are in business to make money. They are also in business for the long term.

Consequently, they also need other professionals like lawyers, insurance experts, investment management experts, and other professionals mentioned above to avoid or manage lawsuits and other facets of the business that result in the effective management of the organization's resources to maximize profitability.

In simple terms . . . you can post your CV in the applicants directory irrespective of your background if you're convinced you're well suited to work in the real estate industry.


Use the links below to post your real estate vacancies or your CV if you're an applicant.

Nigeria Real Estate Vacancies

International Real Estate Vacancies

Real Estate Applicants Directory

Job Ads - Other Professions

Job Ads Nigeria

Jobs In Nigeria By Profession

P.S. Remember to tell your friends and relatives about this directory. They could land a big job . . . thanks to you.

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