Nigeria Real Estate Investing Book

Learn Real Estate Investing. Avoid Mistakes. Make MORE Money.

Make sure you read the Nigeria real estate investing book before attempting to buy any property in Nigeria.

The reason is simple . . .

1. You can easily lose your money to real estate fraudsters or

2. You can make property buying mistakes that can cost you a lot of money in the future

You see real estate investing looks easy on the surface.

Many people simply find a property they like and then pay for it.

Others may ask their friends, colleagues or relatives for advice. And then go ahead to buy based on the recommendations of their friends, colleagues or relatives.

That is a terrible way to buy a property!

Your friends, colleagues and relatives are not real estate experts!

Thousands Have Lost Their Money!
You Will Lose Your Money, If You Make The Same Mistakes!

Consider the case of Mr. Tony.

Mr. Tony was tired of the unruly behaviour of his landlord. So, he decided to buy a plot of land and build his own house.

Fortunately, he found one at a very low price.

The seller was facing financial difficulty and was willing to sell his land off at a giveaway price to raise cash for his family.

Mr. Tony hurriedly paid for the land because the deal was too sweet to lose.

"This is the deal of a lifetime!" he told himself.

Thereafter he bought hundreds of blocks to start the building foundation and got workers to site to proceed with the foundation.

Guess what.

Another man, Mr. Peter, appeared out of nowhere with thugs claiming that the land was his.

Mr. Tony was perplexed.

How could the land belong to Mr. Peter when he himself just paid for it the previous week?

To his surprise, Mr. Peter produced a receipt showing that Mr. Peter purchased the land about 8 months earlier.

Mr. Tony was shocked.

He shouted in disbelief: "This wicked people sold me another man's land!"

Don't Lose Your Hard Earned Money!
Learn Real Estate Investing From A Professional Before Buying!

The truth is . . . buying a property is not as simple as buying a TV.

Learn Nigeria Property Investing

Real estate investing has pitfalls as well as Do's and Don'ts.

There are criteria for deciding if a property being offered for sale is a fraudulent property or not.

There are also criteria for determining if a property will make you MORE money (or less money) in the short to medium term.

If you do not know these rules . . .

1. You could lose 100 percent of your hard-earned money to real estate fraudsters (just like Mr. Tony mentioned above) or

2. You could buy a property that is more or less a dead end (in terms of the return on investment)

So, how do you learn these real estate investing rules and techniques so you can invest in real estate like a pro and make MORE money?

Simply learn real estate investing by reading a real estate investing book written by a practicing real estate investing professional.

The Nigeria Real Estate Investing Book:
Avoid Mistakes. Make MORE Money.

Want to avoid real estate investing loses?

Want to make more money with Lagos Nigeria real estate investing?

Then buy this Lagos property investing book.

Nigeria Real Estate Investing Book

The Lagos real estate investing book is titled: "Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101: 8 Practical Tips To Get Rich Through Property Investing".

The author of this No. 1 Nigeria real estate investing book is Samson Itoje, a real estate practitioner in Lagos and CEO of Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Want to learn real estate investing from a professional and avoid losing money from real estate deals?

Want to become a multi-millionaire (or multi-billionaire) through Nigeria real estate investing?

Buy this book right away and read it from cover to cover.

Click HERE to buy the book.

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