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1. A New Kind of Real Estate Scam

2. Vacancy For Distributors

3. A Message For Property Owners

4. Office Space For Rent

5. Properties For Sale

1. A New Kind of Real Estate Scam

What kind of scam am I talking about?

Potential buyers are asking home sellers to provide them the original of their C of O (certificate of Occupancy) so they can verify its authenticity with the Bureau of lands at Alausa Ikeja Lagos before concluding the property sale transaction.

Two different clients made this same request of me over the last four weeks and I figured I should let you know about it.

You would think that this kind of request would be made by uninformed people and so it shouldn't be taken seriously.

But hey, this is not just happening with uninformed people. The so-called learned are joining the bandwagon.

One of the clients mentioned above actually came to my office with his lawyer (or someone who claims to be his lawyer).

Present in the meeting was the seller, the buyer's agent, the buyer, and the buyer's lawyer.

The buyer's lawyer said there are so many fake C of O in town now. Therefore they need the original C of O document to present for verification purpose at the Lagos state land bureau in Alausa Ikeja.

The lawyer said he has over 20 years experience practicing law in Nigeria. And he knows what he is talking about.

The buyer?

The buyer said he will not proceed with the transaction until the seller gives him the original C of O so he can take it for verification at the bureau of lands.

What do you think.

Do you think the lawyer knows what he was talking about?

The following week another potential buyer came to my office with his agent. He wanted the same thing . . . he wanted the seller to provide him the original of his C of O document, the title document for his property.


He said he wanted the original document for verification purpose at the bureau of lands Alausa Ikeja. And he said his lawyer specifically asked him to get the original document or no deal.

His reason?

He said he has been scammed twice in the last two property purchase transactions he was involved with. And he didn't want to be scammed a third time.

So, I asked him if he would agree to give the originals of his property document to anyone prior to the buyer making payment.

"Of course, yes". He replied.

Oh yeah, he was lying.

My advice?

Don't fall for that cheap scam.

A potential buyer does not need the original of your property documents to conduct property search or verification at the Bureau of lands in Alausa Ikeja. All he needs is a photocopy of the documents showing the appropriate identification number of the C of O.

If the C of O is fake, the identification number will be missing in the database of the bureau of lands, the government land agency.

Get the point?

Don't fall for cheap scam!

Protect your property. It's an investment you can't afford to lose to scammers.

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3. A Message For Property Owners

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4. Office Space For Rent

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5. Properties For Sale

1. 21/2 plots of land for sale at Elias estate opposite Owode Onirin spare parts market on Ikorodu road. Land can be sold individually.

Title: Receipt & survey

Price: 6.5 million Naira

2. Fenced and gated 700sqm land at Isheri North residential scheme (government Scheme)

Title: Letter of allocation

Price: 7 million Naira

3. 21,600sqm (5.3 acres) land with office building, warehouse, cold room, workshop, gen house, and land for further development at Ajegunle bus stop Lagos

Abeokuta expressway Lagos; suitable for factory, school, apartment buildings etc

Title: C of O

Price: 450 million Naira

4. Plot of land for sale at new oko Oba Abule Egba Lagos Nigeria

price: 8.5 million

5. Roofed block of 4 flats for sale, each flat 3 bedroom, at Dalemo near Alakuko Lagos state (this property falls into Ogun state)

price: 12 million

Title: Receipt, approved building plan, survey

6. 7 bedroom duplex (all rooms ensuite) with 2 nos. 3 bedroom flat and 2 room penthouse for sale at Oko Oba GRA scheme 1 Agege. Fenced compound with

interlocking floor. Marble floor in living room, all rooms tiled.

Title: Letter of allocation

Price: 72 million Naira

7. Exquisitely finished 3 bedroom bungalow for sale (new house) at ojodu berger (inside an estate)

Price: 24 million

8. 2 bedroom set back BQ on one plot of land near Agbado crossing Lagos (corner piece property)

price: 6.5 million

Title: Receipt and survey


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Best Regards,

Samson Itoje,


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