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Can You See The Future?

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1. Can You See The Future?

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4. Properties For Sale

1. Can You See The Future?

Can you see the future?

What future am I talking about?

Well, I'm talking about the future of property prices in locations that are currently cheap.

Why should that concern you?

Simple answer . . . if a certain location is cheap today and you can afford to buy it NOW, then you should because if you don't, you may not be able to buy a property in that location again in the next couple of years because the prices may have jumped beyond your reach.

For example, in 2006 a 4 bedroom flat in Maple Wood estate in Agege was selling for 7 million Naira. This small estate is made up of several blocks of three storey building apartments and each flat is a 4 bedroom flat apartment.

At the time my friend was interested in this apartment, the estate was brand new and vacant.

The good part was that he had the money to buy the flat outright. The sad part is . . . he did not.


He felt it was too expensive for a place as 'local' as Agege.

Now fast forward to today.

Each flat in that estate now sells for 17-18 million Naira. And my friend cannot afford it anymore.

My advice?

If you know of any area that is cheap NOW and you can afford it, DO NOT postpone the decision to buy.

If you buy now that it is cheap, the prices will eventually rise over the next couple of years. Even if for some reason you decide to sell later, you will be selling for a nice profit.

Here's a good example of an area that is cheap and that is on the verge of rising fast.

The location is Idiagbon bus stop off College road Ogba Lagos Nigeria.

The majority of houses within this area are old houses owned by elderly people in need of cash. As I speak with you now, three different houses in that area have been sold and the buyers have started new developments. And more houses are entering the market within this same area.


Well, city life has caught up with old owners in this area. Life is expensive for them. And they need cash to relocate and start a new life somewhere cheaper.

Bottom line.

If you're looking for a place close to the city that is reasonably cheap and that has the potential to skyrocket within the next couple of years as new modern houses take over, then this is it.

The following houses are available for sale in this location right now.

1. 12 room house off Osunkeye street Idiagbon bus stop Ogba

price: 5.5 million Naira

title: Receipt & survey plan

2. 14 room house off Osunkeye street Idiagbon bus stop off college road ogba Lagos Nigeria (close to the bus stop)

price: 8 million Naira

title: Receipt & survey


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5. Properties For Sale

1. 12 room house for sale off Idiagbon bus stop, College road Ogba

price: 5 million Naira

Title: Receipt & survey plan

2. Wing of duplex suitable for banks on Duban road Jakande estate before mile 2 Lagos Nigeria; corner piece duplex

price: 75 million Naira

Title: C of O

3. 12 units of 2 bedroom flats brand new in Omole phase 1 estate Lagos Nigeria

price: 210 million Naira

Title: C of O

4. 2 bedroom terrace duplex near Lagos Business School Ajah

price: 17 million Naira

Title: Registered deed

Click HERE to see full list.


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