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Is Your House Transportable
Or Dismountable?

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1. Is Your House Transportable Or Dismountable?

2. A Different Business You Can Run From Home

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1. Is Your House Transportable
Or Dismountable?

The question is, "Is your house transportable?"

For most people the answer to that question is "No".

If your house is not transportable, is it relocatable? Can your house be disassembled and relocated to a new site?

Again the answer to that question will be "No" for so many of our readers.

Wait. Is it really possible to transport a house from one location to another?

The answer is "yes", you can transport your house from one location to another . . . if you live in a portable home.

A portable home is a prefab home built with factory manufactured sandwich panel walls that can be assembled during the building construction and disassembled and relocated to a different site when necessary.

Benefits of prefabricated homes include:

1. Quick Built: Ability to be quickly assembled into a residential or office building within days

2. Light weight: Not heavy like block buildings

3. Transportable: Prefab homes can be built in the factory and transported to where they are needed

4. Ease of disassembly: Prefabricated homes can be disassembled, the individual units transported to a new site, and easily re-assembled at the new site with minimum headache

Transportable Versus Dismountable

We can classify prefab buildings into two categories:

1. Transportable prefab buildings and

2. Dismountable prefab buildings

Transportable prefab homes are called portable cabins (or portacabins) while residential prefab homes are often referred to as portable homes.

The most popular portacabin sizes are 10ft by 10ft, 20ft by 10ft, and 40ft by 10ft.

The maximum length a transportable prefab building or portacabin can be is 40 feet. Beyond that it's no longer transportable.

What if you need a prefab home longer than 40 feet or wider than 11 feet?

No problem.

The prefab building will be built at your site by the prefab home manufacturer.

Here's one important thing to remember.

Even though large prefab homes built at the customer's premises are not transportable as a single unit, they can be dismounted (or disassembled) and the individual parts transported to a different location to be reassembled.

How important is that?

Why is the ability to transport or disassemble a house important?

Why should you care?

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Benefits of Portable Cabins
And Prefab Homes

As noted above, one of the benefits associated with buying a prefab home, portable cabin, or portacabin is the fact that they are transportable and dismountable.

This means that you can . . .

1. Easily relocate your office to a different location if you have issues with your landlord or the property owner

2. Easily relocate your home if flood is ravaging your neighbourhood and

3. Easily relocate your home if the government suddenly decides to expand the road where your house is located and your house is marked for demolition.

Here's another benefit of transportable and relocatable prefab buildings.

Bottom line.

Portacabins and prefab homes save you money big time.

Ask people whose houses have been marked for demolition on the Ikorodu road and badagry road due to the road expansion project and they will tell you how much they have lost (or are about to lose) because their houses are not dismountable, transportable, or relocatable.

Don't let that happen to you!

So, if you're yet to consider building a dismountable prefab building or transportable portacabin, this is the time to re-consider this home construction option.

We have a question for you:

Do you yearn to become a landlord super fast?

You house could be up within a few days if you order one of our portable homes.

Is your landlord giving you headache, simply order a brand new house and free yourself of the stress.

Want a house you can relocate anytime the need arises?

Portable prefab home is the answer!

Nigeria Portacabins And Prefabricated Buildings - A Reliable Service Just For You

You're likely wondering, "where will I get a reliable portacabin or prefab home vendour or manufacturer?"

Look no further!

I am pleased to announce the launch of our portable cabin and prefab homes service.

We now manufacture and sell portacabins and prefab homes right here in Lagos Nigeria and deliver to customers all over Nigeria.

Interested in buying a prefab home or portacabin?

Click HERE to request a quote.

2. A Different Business You Can Run From Home

Do you know anyone who need portable cabins, portacabins, or prefab homes?

Simply refer the person to us and we will reward you financially.

The best part is . . . you don't need an office or staff to get started.

You can work from the comfort of your home because we issue all our portacabin distributors and dealers free home business web site.

This free portable cabin home business web site empowers you to work from home and without stress.

Want to become one of our portacabin dealers?

Want a free home business that can earn you loads of cash per month?

Click HERE to learn more.

3. Featured Properties For Sale

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