Real Estate Guide Newsletter November 2010 Edition Lagos Nigeria:

The Secret of Buying Property When You Don't Have Enough

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1. The Secret of Buying Property When You Don't Have Enough

2. Live Wealth Seminars

3. New Houses For Sale

4. Other Properties For Sale

5. Apartment For Rent

6. A special Message To Property Owners

1. The Secret of Buying Property When You Don't Have Enough

People are at different positions at any given point in time. As I write this, some people are in the process of paying for a plot of land or buying a house outright.

On the other hand, some people are discussing loan terms with their bank with the hope of securing mortgage loan for their new home. Some others don't have a house and don't know when they will have enough to get a house.

Whatever your position today, I can assure that sooner or later you will be in a position to buy your very first house or a second or third property.

When it is time to buy, you will either buy a completed house or choose to buy a plot of land and build to your taste. Whatever option you decide to go with, you will be faced with one challenge.

You will find properties that you like . . . land or completed house . . . but that are above your budget.

For example, you may work on the Island and wish to buy a completed house in a location where you can easily get on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway and head for the third mainland bridge as fast as possible.

Areas that suit your need will be . . .

  • M.K.O. Abiola Gardens
  • Omole phase 2 estate
  • Otedola Jubilee estate
  • Magodo Shangisha GRA Phase 2
  • Magodo Brooks estate
  • Sparklight estate

    Now suppose you have a budget of 10 million Naira only and nothing more.

    Let's start by reviewing the prices of houses in some of the locations mentioned above and see what options are available to you.

  • A nice bungalow in Otedola Jubilee estate will cost 18-24 million Naira
  • A bungalow in Sparklight estate will cost 15-18 million Naira
  • A semi-detached duplex in Magodo Brooks estate will cost 33-36 million Naira
  • A semi detached duplex in Omole phase 2 will cost about 45 million Naira

    From the above, it's obvious that your budget is pretty low for the areas you have in mind. So, what should you do?

    Simple. Use the secret of buying property when you do not have enough.

    What is that secret?

    The secret is . . . "Swallow your pride. Buy what you can afford for now not what you can afford in 2yrs time (or more)"

    When you do an honest assessment of your finances and discover you cannot possibly afford what your heart desires, then you have to suspend that desire and buy what you can afford now.

    Some people fail to apply this principle. So instead of buying what they can afford today, they postpone investing until they are able to save enough to buy their dream home.

    Unfortunately, five years after, they still have not bought their dream property and they're surprised they cannot account for how they spent what they had to invest originally.

    My advice?

    Swallow your pride and buy what you can afford now.

    In the case of the person described above with 10 million. he may opt to buy a bungalow in a not-so-exotic location like Olowora or Oke-ira in Ogba. When he invest the money this way, the value will appreciate over time instead of the money disappearing into thin air over time because he failed to invest.

    Remember the secret?

    Swallow your pride. Buy what you can afford now.

    If you cannot afford a particular property, it means you're not financially 'big enough' to do so even though you consider yourself a 'big man'.

    So, swallow your pride and buy what your money can afford, in the location you can afford.

    Sometime in the future when your finances improve, you can then buy something more classy, stylish, and exotic.

    Remember . . . buying a property worth the value of the money you have is better than buying nothing.

    2. Live Wealth Seminars

    I have arranged for two wealth seminars for November 27 2010.

    The first session will hold by 12pm. The topic is, "How To Earn One Million Naira Per Month Without Stress"

    The second session is titled, "How To Build A Profitable Internet Business".

    The time for the second session is 3pm.

    Both sessions will hold at the same venue and on the same date . . . Saturday November 27 2010.

    Venue: Ashton & Layton Training Centre,
    3 First Foundation Close,
    By Opebi Traffic Light (road opposite Opebi link Road),
    Opebi Ikeja Lagos

    Seminar Fee: =N=5,000 per session


    (a) If you pay to the company account before the seminar date, you will get 20% discount on the course fees. That means you pay =N=4,000 per session instead of =N=5,000

    (b) You can attend either session or both

    (c) Pay before the seminar date so you can reserve a seat. Limited seats available.

    (d) The first 10 people to book for each seminar will get a special prize

    Pay to:

    Bank: UBA

    Account Name: Seamless Solutions

    Account Number: 0073 016 001256 7

    Branch: Any branch

    These seminars present an opportunity for you to have a one-on-one session with me and have all your questions answered. It is also a great opportunity for you to learn new ways to make money and grow your family finances.

    Have questions?

    Call me on 07086459367, 08057912607, 08033290430

    Don't miss this seminar!

    Click HERE to learn more about the One million Naira per month seminar.

    Click HERE to learn more about the internet business seminar.

    3. New Houses For Sale

    1. 5 Bedroom detached duplex at Magodo GRA Isheri with one bedroom BQ

    Price: 48 million

    Title: C of O

    2. 4 bedroom detached duplex at Magodo GRA Isheri with family lounge upstairs and 2 bedrooms BQ and kitchen

    Price: 45 million

    Title: C of O

    3. 2 Units of 5 bedroom duplex at Magodo Brooks estate Magodo with 1 bedroom BQ

    Price: 36 million per unit

    Title: C of O

    4. Other Properties For Sale

    The following properties are available for sale.

    1. A plot of land for sale at Peace Estate Isheri North Lagos Nigeria

    Title: C of O

    Price: 8.5 million Naira

    2. 2 units of 3 bedroom flat up to roof level at Ajegunle bus stop Lagos Abeokuta expressway Lagos

    Title: Receipt & survey

    Price: 3 million Naira

    3. 2 buildings comprising a block of 4 units of 3 bedroom flat and 2 units of 2 bedroom flat at cement bus stop Lagos Abeokuta expressway Lagos

    Title: Receipt, Survey and deed of assignment

    Price: 36 million Naira

    4. Property comprising 1 unit of 3 bedroom flat, 1 unit of 1 bedroom flat, a 150 seater capacity hall, and 7 single rooms at Alhaji Bakare street Ojodu (the street beside First Bank Ogunnusi Road Ojodu).

    The property is off Ogunnusi Road Ojodu. Neighbourhoods include Omole phase 1, Omole phase 2, Ojodu estate etc

    Title: Receipt, registered deed of assignment, and survey

    Price: 18 million Naira

    5. Property comprising two units of 3 bedroom flat, 3 room BQ with kitchen, toilet, and bath, and two shops at Agbado Lagos Nigeria

    Title: C of O

    Price: 18 million Naira

    6. Fenced and gated plot of land for sale at Isheri North residential scheme Lagos Nigeria

    Title: Govt Allocation

    Price: 8.5 million

    7. 700sqm plot of land for sale at Isheri North Residential scheme

    Title: C of O

    Price: 6.5 million

    8. 1,200 sqm plot of land for sale at Gowon estate Egbeda Lagos Nigeria

    Title: C of O

    Price: 18 million

    9. 5 bedroom bungalow for sale at New Oko Oba Lagos Nigeria

    Title: C of O

    Price: 9 million

    10. 4 bedroom bungalow all rooms ensuite for sale at New Oko-Oba Lagos Nigeria

    Title: Receipt and survey

    Price: 7 million

    11. 10 room tenement house for sale off College road Ogba.

    Land size: 344 sqm

    Annual revenue: 720,000 Naira

    Price: 7 million Naira

    Pay back period: 10 yrs (what's common is 20-25yrs)

    5. Apartment For Rent

    1. A block of 4 units of 3 bedroom flat (new house) at Omole phase 1 estate Ojodu Lagos - all flats vacant.

    Rent: 1.4 million Naira per annum, 2 years rent

    2. 4 bedroom bungalow with its own compound with three toilets and bath at Omole phase 1 estate Ojodu; two bedrooms ensuite. Also has a gate house and BQ

    price: 1.5 million Naira per annum, 2yrs rent

    6. A special Message For Property Owners

    Are you a property owner in Lagos Nigeria?

    Do you have a property that you want to sell or rent fast?

    Simply call me on 07086459367, 08057912607, or 08033290430

    I am at your service.

    Best Regards,

    Samson Itoje
    CEO Zy Properties
    07086459367, 08057912607, 08033290430

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