Real Estate Guide Newsletter Lagos Nigeria. May 2012 Edition, Issue 31:
School For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

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1. School For Sale In Lagos

2. Office Space For Rent In Victoria Island Lagos

3. How To Increase Your Salary Every Month

4. Property For Sale

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1. School For Sale In Lagos

A nursery and primary school located in Lagos Nigeria is currently up for sale.

Quick facts about the school

Potential Yearly earnings from this school: 3.3 million Naira per annum

Potential Yearly Earnings if school is re-branded: 10.2 million Naira per annum

Selling price: 21 million Naira (or 140,000 USD) . . . negotiable

Title: C of O

Location: Near Agbado crossing Lagos Nigeria (Agbado crossing is near Iju Ishaga Lagos)

Reason for selling: Seller is relocating from Lagos

The school is available for immediate take over.

Click HERE for details.

2. Office Space For Rent In
Victoria Island Lagos

We have two different office spaces for rent in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

Click HERE for details.

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3. How To Increase Your Salary Every Month

Would you like to increase your salary (or earnings) every month?

Of course!

Simple reason . . . you need more money to cover the ever increasing cost of living. And you need MORE money to live a MORE comfortable and MORE luxurious lifestyle.

Will your employer agree to increase your salary every month?

Of course not!

Most employers like to get the most value from each employee while paying them as little as possible to keep them motivated.

So, how do you grow your earnings every month and increase the smile on your wife's face while at the same time reducing the stress on your heart?

Simple answer . . . have a PLAN B that has a compensation package designed to increase your earnings every month.

This kind of compensation structure is called residue income business or passive income business.

"Passive income" means that you do the work one-time and continue to earn from it forever.

Here's a simple example to illustrate the power of residue income.

A friend started this kind of passive income business in October 2011. Last month (March 2012), 6 months later, the company he is affiliated to as an independent distributor paid him one million Naira.

Yes, this friend earned one million Naira last month alone.

Guess what.

He is set to earn more than that this month because his earnings has been growing every month since he joined this company.

You see, he started in October 2011 and his earnings started small . . . and grew gradually until he hit one million Naira last month alone.

Let's break down his one million Naira earning last month to understand the power of this business.

His one million Naira earning last month basically consisted of two parts:

1. Earnings from existing customer purchases and

2. Earnings from sales in March

Guess what.

His earnings from existing customer purchases in March was 624,000 Naira.

In simple words . . . 62.4 percent of his earnings last month was from existing customer purchases. And these existing customers purchased directly from the company and yet the company credited his account promptly.

Isn't that the kind of PLAN B, the kind of business you will like to be involved in?

Of course!

The company keeps paying you your share of your existing team member purchases whether you're aware they actually purchased or not. And your income grows month after month as you recommend the product to people in your . . .

  • Social network
  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Club
  • Cooperative society
  • Office . . . and anywhere else you meet people in your day to day endeavours. My advice? Do your job very well. Give your employer the very best. But don't make your job the only thing that generates income for your family. Otherwise, the day your employer lets you down, you may find yourself in a messy financial dilemma. What kind of business is this that grows your salary or earnings every month? It is called network marketing business or mlm distributor business. I know what you're thinking. You're probably saying, "network marketing business? MLM business? I hate mlm business!" If you hate network marketing or what is popularly called mlm, you likely have your reason for hating this kind of business. So, I won't argue with you. Nevertheless, I will tell you this: I know a lot of people who hated mathematics with a passion. They just didn't like mathematics. But today, they are comfortable with it. Why didn't they like Mathematics? Simple reason . . . Mathematics was just too difficult for them. Guess what. Some of those people are engineers today. And to become an engineer, to be accepted into any Nigerian University to study engineering, you need to at the very least get a credit in Mathematics. Since these young men and women were passionate about becoming engineers, they disregarded their hatred for mathematics and learnt how to solve mathematical problems. Now they are proud they are engineers. And looking back, they are happy they learnt Mathematics despite their initial dislike for it. Now let's talk about network marketing business. Network marketing (or mlm) business has made more average people millionaires than any other single industry. And network marketing business is a legal business. If average people with the same head, hands, mouth, and blood as you are earning generous bonuses from network marketing business, what is stopping you . . . you who is more educated and more intelligent than many of the average everyday people generating good income from network marketing? Think about it. Why do you wake up every morning and rush to work? Why are you afraid to go late to work? Why are you taking BS from your boss? Why are you afraid to offend your boss? Why do you let another man or woman who is your boss dictate to you when you're actually smarter than him or her? Of course, it's because your employer gives you money . . . your employer pays your salary every month. Now think again. Network marketing business can pay you much more than your employer will ever pay you . . . if you learn how to work the business and get result. In fact, some top network marketing earners in the world earn as much as 100,000 U.S. dollars per month. That is, over 15 million Naira per month from mlm business. What level do you need to rise to in your organization before you can earn that much money from your company? Bottom line. Want to earn more money with less stress? Want to be your own boss and own a business you control and that has the potential to pay you MORE money month after month? Join the network marketing business my friend promotes. And learn the steps to success so you can position yourself to earn as much as he earns . . . or even more. Click HERE to create a FREE account
  • Property For Sale

    We have a long list of property for sale.

    Click HERE to see the complete list of property for sale.


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