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Saving Money With Property Investing

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1. Saving Money With Property Investing

2. The Path To Financial Success: Free Mentorship

3. Property For Sale

4. Apartments For Rent

1. Saving Money With Property Investing

Most people have come to realize that Real Estate Is A Business.

This means that you can buy property at a particular price this year and sell it off for profit a couple of months or years later.

promoYes, real estate is a business that generate profit for its owners just like any other business out there.

But what most people don't realize is that real estate investing or property investing is also a great way to save money . . . a great way to save money that you can deploy for use in other areas of your life in later years.

You're probably wondering how that works.

To help you get the point, I will share with you a real-life scenario that emphasizes how investing in real estate can help you save money big time.

True Life Story - A House Comes To The Rescue

Mr. Jide Badmus was a journalist with a renowned Nigerian print media. He was also the author of several books that garnered awards and more cash for him.

He was slim, handsome, smart, and a prolific writer who had vibrant health.

Money was not a problem during his active years as a journalist.

Sometime during his active years, he decided to invest in a family home, which was a smart.

So, he built himself a lovely family home . . . a 6 bedroom duplex that had everything he dreamed of.

Some 15 years later, things weren't so rosy.

Mr. Jide Badmus, the once vibrant journalist and freelance writer, was down with a life-threatening illness.

To make matters worse, he was out of job and book sales had nose-dived. And so did his earnings.

He seriously needed cash to travel overseas for treatment. The surgery and associated expenses would cost five million Naira (about $31,000 USD).

Where would he get that kind of money?

Should he approach a media house to publish his sad story (like a lot of Nigerians do) so he can raise money through public sympathy?

That was a 'good idea', but it didn't sit well with him.

That was not his kind of person!

He decided to sell his property, the 6 bedroom duplex he built 15 years earlier.

Fortunately, the house sold for 25 million Naira (about $156,000 USD).

With the proceed from the sale of his property, he . . .

1. Bought a beautiful family home in a quiet (developing neighbourhood) for =N=12m (about $75,000 USD)

2. Set aside =N=5m for his surgery and associated expenses and

3. Stuffed his personal account with the balance of 8 million Naira (about $50,000 USD)

Looking back at what he had accomplished despite the mess his career was in, Mr. Jide Badmus felt proud of himself.

He was particularly pleased that he didn't have to show his face on national TV begging for funds to care for his health and family expenses.

If you were in his shoes, would you have been proud . . . and even happy?

Would your ability to pay your bills yourself despite the health crisis have boosted your self esteemed?

Of course!

Real Estate Investing Saves Money!

It is true that real estate investing makes money for real estate agents and property owners.

But don't forget that it also helps you save money that you can put to some other use in other areas of your life in later years.

Money saved through real estate investing can be deployed to virtually any other area of your life in later years . . . NOT just for saving life or maintaining good health.

My advice?

Don't just heap loads of cash into your savings account or even a fixed deposit account.

Save some of that money by investing in the right property . . . a property that may command jaw-dropping sale price in a decade or two.

Trust me.

You will smile to your bank when you finally decide to sell that property some years down the road . . . if you ever need to sell.

2. The Path To Financial Success:
Free Mentorship

Ken Stewart earns about one million U.S. dollars per year from a particular home business opportunity.

Is there something you can learn from him?

Of course!

The good news is that Ken now provides free mentorship to Nigeria residents who want to achieve home business success using the exact same strategy he used.

Click HERE for details.

3. Property For Sale

The following properties are for sale.

1. 2 units of decked 3 bedroom bungalow + 2 bedroom detached BQ within a fenced compound at Agbado crossing (near Iju Ishaga) Lagos (currently used as a school)

Title: C of O

Price: =N=16m

2. 4 bedroom fully furnished bungalow for sale at shell estate Satellite town Lagos

Title: C of O

Price: =N=23m

3. One plot of land at palms garden estate on papanlato road mowe ofada axis ogun state

Price: =N=1.5m

4. One plot of land for sale at Osapa London Lekki Lagos

Title: C of O

Price: =N=19m

Call us on 07086459367, 08033290430 or 08057912607 to buy any of the above properties.

Click HERE to see more properties for sale.

4. Apartments For Rent

The following apartments are available for rent:

1. Beautiful 1 bedroom flat for rent off Lambe Akute road (by Jolasco bus stop) Ogun state

Price: =N=140,000 per annum

Tenure: 1yr rent

2. Fenced and gated 3 bedroom flat for rent with large basement off Yaya Abatan road Ogba (near Excellence Hotel area) Lagos

Price: =N=1m per annum

Tenure: 1yr rent

3. 180sqm office space of Idejo road Victoria Island Lagos. It is on the 2nd floor of a 3 storey building.

Rent Price: =N=40,000 per sqm (negotiable)

Call us on 07086459367, 08033290430 or 08057912607 to rent any of the apartments above.


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Make Money Fast

Best Regards,

Samson Itoje,


07086459367, 08057912607, 08033290430

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