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How To Invest In Multiple Streams of Income Without Stress

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1. Investing In Multiple Streams of Income

2. Live Entrepreneur Workshop

3. Properties For Sale

1. Investing In Multiple Streams of Income

Virtually everyone agrees that investing in multiple streams of income is a sure way to achieve financial security.

Multiple streams of income simply means that you earn money from more than one source. And the higher the number of income sources you have, the greater your financial security.

So, if you have a paid job, you have one income source.

If you own a rental property where you collect rent every year and you also have a paid job where you earn a salary every month, then you have two income sources . . . and so on.

What if the only income source you have is your job?

Well, you're in a risky position because the day you lose that job (or retire) your earnings will crash to zero and things can become extremely difficult for you and your family financially.

Having just one income source, your job, is like putting all your eggs in one basket. When the basket hits the floor hard, all your eggs will get broken.

Most likely you understand the importance of having multiple income sources.

But how do you actually earn from multiple income sources without doubling or tripling your stress?

For example, taking on two or more paid jobs in an effort to increase your income sources will likely . . .

1. Increase your fatigue level

2. Decrease family time and

3. Double or triple your stress

Increasing the number of paid jobs you have increases . . .

  • the number of hours you spend working
  • the number of hours you spend in traffic
  • the number of hours you spend away from your family and
  • the silent issues that silently steal away your joy

    Working more jobs increases family tension (and personal stress) which usually don't lead anywhere good.

    Bottom line.

    Getting more paid jobs is not the answer!

    So, how do you actually earn from multiple income sources without doubling or tripling your stress?

    How do you actually earn from multiple income sources and still have plenty of time for your family and fun stuff?

    Simple answer . . . by investing in home business opportunities.

    Home businesses are businesses you can participate in, and earn income from, while you're in the comfort of your home. And you can run a home business part-time or full-time.

    All home business transactions are done through the internet and therefore you can earn money from a home business without leaving your home.

    Since all your home business transactions happen through the internet, you can actually participate in several home business opportunities and earn from them all without the stress of traffic or jumping from job to job.

    The benefits of home business include:

  • Low startup capital
  • Zero inventory
  • Zero employee cost
  • Stress free investing
  • Time freedom
  • Unlimited earning potential

    . . . and the unique opportunity to be your own boss.

    Guess what.

    We have made it even easier to invest in multiple home business opportunities.


    We have established an online platform that empowers anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in multiple home business opportunities and manage all of them from just one account.

    We call it . . . Erimama Wealth Network.

    If you will like to earn from multiple streams of income without stress, and without losing family time and time for fun stuff, then you should join the Erimama Wealth Network.

    The Erimama Wealth Network empowers YOU to create wealth from home from multiple home businesses and put your home business on auto pilot.

    The best part is . . . it's FREE!

    Want to profit from multiple streams of income without stress?

    Click HERE to create a free account.

    (NOTE: The link above opens a new window)

    2. Live Entrepreneur Workshop

    The LIVE entrepreneur workshop (Multiple Streams of Income Workshop) will hold as follows:

    Date: Saturday September 1 2012

    Venue: Lagos Airport Hotel, Lagos Nigeria (Syndicate room 3)

    Time: 10am

    Workshop Fee: =N=8,000

    PAY To:

    Account Name: Seamless Solutions

    Account Number: 1003362065

    Bank: UBA

    NOTE: Send a text message to 07086459367, 08033290430, or 08057912607 after payment to notify us of your payment.

    Guess what.

    I am giving a special discount to my newsletter subscribers.

    If you're a newsletter subscriber (or you're reading this page right now), I am offering you a special 20% discount on the workshop fee.

    How do you enjoy the discount?

    Just pay at most 3 days before the workshop date above and you will get 20% discount.

    Yes, if you pay to the bank account above at most 3 days before the workshop you get a straight 20% discount. That means you get to pay =N=6,400 instead of =N=8,000 for the workshop.

    Hurry! Grab the offer right now!

    Limited seats available. Secure your seat by paying the workshop fee to the bank account shown above right away.

    NOTE: You can pay at the venue if you missed the bank. But then you won't enjoy the 20% discount.

    3. Properties For Sale

    Looking for properties for sale?

    Click HERE


    FREE Home Business Web Site

    Vacancy For Distributors

    Make Money Fast

    Best Regards,

    Samson Itoje,

    07086459367, 08057912607, 08033290430

    Home Equity

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