Real Estate Guide Newsletter Lagos Nigeria. April 2012 Edition, Issue 29:
Earn Extra Income To Buy or Build Your Next House

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1. Earn Extra Income From Home Business

2. New Estates In Lagos Nigeria

3. Properties For Sale

1. Earn Extra Income From Home Business To Buy or Build A House

What is the biggest challenge to buying or building a house?

Sure, it's lack of sufficient cash!

So, how do you solve that problem?

How do you get extra cash to buy or build the house of your dreams?

One way is to get a higher paying job.

The truth is . . . big companies are shedding weight or reducing the number of employees they have.

So, even people who already have a high paying job are not sure that job will still be there in another month or two.

Financial experts will tell you that job security is now just a dream.

Another option for raising extra income is to do multiple jobs.

What could happen if you do multiple jobs and spend too much time away from home?

Simple answer . . . you risk losing your family.

  • Your kids may grow up faster than you expect . . . and without a place in their heart for their parents because their parents were hardly there for them or
  • Your wife may get tired of waiting for you to come home and leave you in search of a 'better' man or
  • Your husband may get tired of being married to a career woman who's hardly there for him and go in search of a 'homely wife'

    This is not just theory.

    This is the sad story of many families who went in search of MORE money at the expense their families.

    The question is . . . Is There A Better Way?

    Sure, there is.

    Let me be upfront with you.

    The best way to generate MORE money for your family and for buying or building the house of your dreams is to join a home business opportunity that has the potential to grow your income fast . . . and with minimum effort and investment.

    The key advantages of a home business is . . .

    1. You can do it part-time or full-time

    2. You are not tied to a work schedule

    3. You set your targets yourself

    4. You set your promotion strategies yourself

    5. The startup capital is small

    6. The rate of return is high and

    7. You have complete time freedom

    Sure! That is the kind of income opportunity that is right for you!

    Is there a home business opportunity in Nigeria that can be done part-time and still deliver a high rate of return?

    Of course!

    In fact, this business opportunity is one of the fastest growing home business opportunity in Nigeria.

    This home business opportunity can pay you as much as $480 for a single referral.

    Amazing, right?

    Click HERE to create a free account

    2. New Estates In Lagos Nigeria

    The following are new estates in Lagos Nigeria.

    a) Amen Estate has the following houses:

  • 6 bedroom mansion
  • 5 bedroom mansions
  • 5 bedroom villas
  • 4 bedroom villas
  • 4 bedroom terrace houses
  • 3 bedroom luxurious flats

    Attraction: Located 12 minutes drive from the proposed international airport and near the Lekki free trade zone.

    Terms: 10% down payment and balance spread of 2 years

    b) Carlton Gate Estate Chevron drive Lekki, off Lekki Ajah expressway Lagos Nigeria:

    House types available include:

  • 5 bedroom detached house on 450sqm
  • 5 bedroom detached house on 600sqm
  • 4 bedroom terrace duplex

    Terms: 10% down payment for reservation

    Interested in these properties?

    Click HERE to contact us.

    3. Properties For Sale

    10 Units of 5 bedroom luxury terrace duplex at Ikeja GRA within a private estate

    Price: 120 million Naira per unit

    Title: C of o

    Click HERE to see complete list of properties for sale in Lagos Nigeria.


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