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Should You Invest In Short Let Apartments?

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1. Should You Invest In Short Let Apartments?

2. Nigeria Book Publishing Service Launches

3. Free Announcements Directory

4. Properties For Sale

5. Apartment For Rent

1. Should You Invest In Short Let Apartments?

Short let apartments, also called vacation apartments or vacation rentals, are furnished and serviced short term apartments with flexible rental and payment terms.

The term flexible rental terms means that the rental period is not fixed. A tenant can rent the short Let apartment for 1 day, 2 days, 7 days, one month or for any duration that meet his needs.

A short let apartment also has flexible payment terms. This means that the tenant pays for only the duration of time he wishes to stay in the apartment. This is very different from regular apartments in Lagos where tenants are required to pay two years rent upfront. And most landlords decline to refund the unused rental period if the tenant exits the apartment before the expiration of the two years period, especially if the duration left unused is less than one year.

Short let apartments are a great service for tourists, vacationers, and people who have urgent business in Lagos and wish to stay a few days in the city to conclude their business transaction.

In this sense, vacation rentals are like hotels or guest houses.

However, there is a major difference between vacation rentals or short lets and hotels.

Tenants in a short let apartment have the option to cook their own 'home grown' meals or family recipes and the way they like it. This option is not available in any standard hotel.

Now, the big question is, "should you invest in short let apartments?"

The answer is YES and NO.

Let's start with the "YES" part of the answer.

Remember that short let apartments are furnished and serviced apartments. This means that when you build a short let, you must ensure that every room is furnished appropriately . . . with a sense of style.

  • The sitting or living room will have tv set, radio set, functioning cable tv connection, rug etc
  • The bedroom will have clean wardrobes, bed with clean sheets, lighting etc
  • The kitchen will have gas cooker, cutleries, kitchen cabinet, pots etc
  • The bath room will have modern toilet system, bath tub etc

    . . . and more.

    Obviously, it cost money to fund short let apartments.

    The truth is . . . short let clients have big taste.

    When clients look for short let apartments, they have high expectations . . . they expect to see the same standard as you will find in a good hotel. So, if you offer a short let apartment that is poorly furnished or equipped, you will have low patronage and this will inevitably affect the profitability of your short let apartment.

    Short let apartments deliver huge returns to the owners. But this happens only when the short-let apartment is well furnished and properly serviced. Clients who stay in such short let apartments usually spread the word and business become bouyant.

    So, should you invest in short let apartments?

    YES . . . if you have the funds to furnish it and manage it using experienced hands.

    NO . . . if you are short on cash.

    The book, "Investment Property Strategies - 7 Proven Strategies To Make Money From Lagos Nigeria Real Estate" have an entire chapter dedicated to short let apartment investment and associated financial analysis. It also provides expert insight into six other real estate investment options.

    Click HERE to order your copy.

    2. Nigeria Book Publishing Service Launches

    Millions of people in Nigeria have great ideas that can positively benefit Nigerians and the human society in general. A good percentage of these people go beyond the idea phase and actually document their ideas in manuscripts.

    Unfortunately, a large percentage of people who have great manuscripts do not see their manuscripts converted into books because publishing companies decline to accept their manuscript for publication. Therefore they do not experience the joy of being an accomplished writer.

    The good news is . . . you can now publish your book online with very little capital with the ZY Properties book publishing service.

    The ZY Properties book publishing service was created to help Nigerians and residents of Nigeria publish their manuscript with ease.

    Click HERE to get your book published with this simple system.

    3. Free Announcements Directory

    What's new?

    Are you launching a new product? Is your daughter getting married? Are you re-locating your office? Were you single and now married?

    Want to announce a change of name, change of address, or change of flight?

    Whatever you want to announce . . . business related or personal . . . announce it free with our new Nigeria Announcement Directory.

    Your announcement will appear on this massive Nigeria real estate web site and will be available globally.

    Best of all, your announcement will remain on this site year on year . . . permanently.

    Ready to announce something?

    Click HERE to visit the announcement database and post your announcement free.

    4. Properties For Sale

    The following properties are available for sale.

    1. Fenced and gated plot of land for sale at Isheri North residential scheme Lagos Nigeria

    Title: Govt Allocation

    Price: 7.5 million

    2. Half plot of land for sale at Soluyi Gbagada

    Title: Registered conveyance

    Price: 4 million

    3. 3 bedroom flat with BQ at Iju near old akute road

    Title: Land receipt

    Price: 9 million

    4. 700sqm plot of land for sale at Isheri North Residential scheme

    Title: C of O

    Price: 6.5 million

    5. Apartment For Rent

    6 bedroom detached house with large kitchen, all rooms ensuite, for rent at Kola Amodu road Magodo GRA phase 1 shangisha.

    Price: 2.3 million per annum

    Tenure: 2yrs rent

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