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Real estate developer (property developer) Lagos Nigeria - Real estate developers have helped reduce the housing problem in Lagos by building increased number of estates. Each estate is usually made up of a large assembly of properties developed on large portions of land.

Some estates built by property developers have as many as ten thousand plots of land. And each plot is about 668 square metres.

The interesting part is that more and more people are becoming property developers overnight as they discover the wealth potential inherent in real estate investing. This has been accelerated by the downturn of events in the Nigerian stock exchange.

What strategy is used to maximize return on investment by the average real estate developer? How can you deplore this to grow your real estate investment even though you're not a real estate developer in the accepted sense of the word?

Listen carefully to this as it could well define how rich you can become just by investing right.

Property developers in Lagos Nigeria typically search for cheap land for sale in remote areas accessible by road. If there are no established roads, the property's commercial value is lower. In effect, there are two categories of land investment.

1. Vast plots of land in virgin areas without operational roads and

2. Vast plots of land in areas accessible by roads but far from the city centre

The second categories of roads attract the short-term real estate investors and has a shorter turnaround time.

A good example of these kind of land investments are:

  • plots of land for sale at Badagry expressway Lagos Nigeria
  • plots of land at Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria
  • plots of land for sale at Mowe Ofada
  • plots of land for sale at Ajah Lagos Nigeria

    Property developers buy large plots of land in these areas from the local owners (the ancestral owners), perfect the property documents with the state government, and begin selling to potential buyers at much higher prices.

    Many developers promise perimeter fencing of the estate, roads within the estate, borehole water, and security.

    However, not all property developers have fulfilled their promises of a professionally serviced and managed estate. For many developers, once they finish selling the plots of land to investors, not much happens within the estate anymore. Many innocent investors have been disappointed this way.

    To be fair to the real estate agents turned developers or ordinarily people turned property developer, many fulfill their promise to provide basic services like security, borehole water etc

    Why do people prefer buying land from real estate developers instead of natives?

    The reason is obvious.

    Most estates have a global C of O. That means that your purchase is guaranteed because the land seller, the property developer, has a certificate of ownership from the government. And so, when he sells to you, your purchase is recognized by law as legal.

    Sure, many property developers are not the best of breed. But they have done a lot to promote better housing ownership opportunities for Nigerians.

    As an investor, all you need is to do due diligence before buying from any developer.

    Want to be a big time investor? Want to build an estate?

    You can duplicate the strategy used by these developers. Just steal with pride.

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