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real estate courses lagos nigeria africa

real estate courses lagos nigeria africa

Real estate courses Lagos Nigeria - Several institutions in Nigeria offer real estate course in one form or another. The Nigeria institute of estate surveyors and valuers (NIESV) also offer courses in real estate.

What are these courses?

Nigerian universities offer real estate management courses under different names but the commonest name for a real estate management course is . . . estate management.

real estate school lagos nigeria registrationThousands of Nigerians have a BSc, HND, or diploma in estate management from either a Nigerian university or Polytechnic.

What are the job prospects for these thousands of young men and women?

Typically, graduates of real estate courses from these institutions of learning end up in the real estate industry as property managers, estate officers, or whatever other job titles are operational in the particular organization where the graduate is employed.

Most graduates of estate management end up becoming estate agents parading the streets of Lagos in search of the next big thing. Even those who get a job in a conventional office setting are itching to be in the field where the big bucks is.


It's pretty obvious.

These young lads watch daily as their bosses collect fat commissions from real estate transactions. They watch as these stingy bosses stash the money away while they pay them small salaries and miserable commissions. And yet these same men and women are the ones closing the deals for their organizations.

So, naturally, these guys ask themselves, "why am I doing this for my company when I can do it for myself and earn much more?"

Sooner or later, these chaps break off and start their own real estate firm.

What about graduates from the real estate courses offered by NIESV?

The training provided by the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) is more broad based and essentially prepares the student for life as an estate surveyor.

What kind of degree does NIESV offer?

When you graduate as a student of NIESV, you get a professional certificate certifying you as an estate surveyor. This is more or less a professional license that qualifies you to practice as an estate surveyor in Nigeria.

Is this equivalent to a degree from a university?

That is the question often asked by aspiring students. And the opinions are varied.

My answer is simple. And it is this.

There is no basis for comparing a professional certificate with a degree. They are essentially different paths.

For example, students enroll in universities for a degree in accounting. After four years of rigorous study and passing exams, they graduate as accountants. And can work in any organization as an accountant.

However, to practice as chartered accountants, they need to get a professional certificate in accounting from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

This kind of professional level certificate is what is offered by NIESV.

What real estate course should you choose? What real estate courses are more profitable in the long term?

strategic real estate investing lagos nigeria africa

The truth is . . . practicing as a real estate agent and as an estate surveyor are both profitable. It is not about the profession. It's what you do with the profession . . . it's about who you are.

However, it's more challenging to succeed as a practicing real estate agent than as a practicing estate surveyor especially when you newly start out in your practice.

Both professions have the challenge of getting clients to their business. However, when the clients finally arrive, the real estate agent has challenges with order fulfillment whereas the estate surveyor collects a part of his fees upfront.

Bottom line.

Take the course that suits you. And do what it takes to succeed.

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