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real estate classified ads lagos nigeria

Real estate classified ads Lagos Nigeria - This property classified ads directory is home to classified ads from real estate agents, property owners, estate surveys, builders, architects, and solicitors in Lagos Nigeria, Abuja, and the other 35 states of Nigeria.

We are based in Lagos but our real estate classified ad service is available to real estate agents, property owners, and people with real estate related business all over Nigeria.

We also offer international classified ads service for businesses outside Nigeria who wish to target our website audience from over 150 countries of the world.

Distance is not a problem because advertisers submit their property classified ads to us via email and their ads appear on the classified ad listing directory within 24hrs of their ad submission.

So, how does it work?

It's pretty simple.

Follow the 3-step process below to place real estate classified ads in this premium Lagos Nigeria real estate website.

1. Order ad space

2. Type your ad and be sure to include your contact details so potential customers can contact you directly

3. Send your property classified ads (or real estate related ads) to us using the form provided and your ad will be up within 24hrs

That is all that is required. It's really that simple.

NOTE: You will be directed to the classified ad submission form after you order your real estate classified ads space.

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Property Classified Ads Categories

This Nigeria property classified ads directory is designed to serve real estate agents, property owners, and everyone whose business is related to real estate.

Consequently, the following classified ad categories are available.

1. Real estate agents directory

2. Property owners directory

3. Legal directory (for lawyers, solicitors etc)

4. Estate surveyors directory

5. Architects directory

6. New home builders directory

7. Painters directory

8. Electricians directory

9. Furniture directory

10. Fixtures & Fittings directory

11. Home cleaning directory

12. Building materials directory

If you offer a unique real estate related product or service that does not fit into any of the business directories above, a new directory will be created that match your kind of business.

Please note that If you have a business that is not related to real estate, you can still advertise in this Lagos Nigeria real estate website. When you do, your business classified ads will appear in the business classified ads directory.

Classified Ad Fees

Naturally, the next obvious question is, "what does it cost?"

Here's the thing.

We are business people doing business in Nigeria. And we understand that a lot of small business people are having a hard time surviving in Nigeria because the cost of advertising in offline media to get new clients to their business is exorbitant.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why we designed this real estate classified ads directory . . . to help small business people find new clients to their business and sell more . . . and, therefore, make more money. When they do, they not only stay in business, they also generate enough income to care for their families and help the needy in the society.

Consequently, the advertising fee for placing property classified ads in this Nigeria classified ads directory is very low.

It is just 3,000 Naira per year!

That is very low!

Bottom line.

When you advertise your real estate related business in this real estate classified ads directory, you get high return on your investment.

You get new clients to your business, sell faster, and make more profit.

Want to grow your business?

Click HERE to contact us and request our bank account details to pay for your advert.

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