Real Estate Affiliate Program Nigeria - Earn 50 Percent Commission Per Sale!

We offer real estate affiliate program that gives everyone in Nigeria (and beyond) an opportunity to earn extra income working part-time or full-time.

Our real estate associate program pay affiliates, associates, or independent sales reps mouth-watering commissions.

How much do we pay?

We pay our affiliates (or independent marketers) a whopping 50 percent commission per sale.

Nigeria Property Affiliate Program - Two Income Opportunities

Our name is Erimama Investment Company Limited.

We are a real estate investment company based in Lagos Nigeria.

We offer various products and services for sale.

We sell . . .

  • Real Estate Books
  • Business books
  • Investment land
  • Residential apartments and
  • Houses (bungalows, duplex etc)

Our Nigeria real estate affiliate program offers two opportunities for you to partner with us and make money.

Real Estate Affiliate Program Nigeria

First, you can become an independent marketer (or affiliate) of our business and real estate books and earn commission whenever you refer a paying customer.

Second, you can register to become a real estate consultant with our company and earn commission whenever someone you refer buy a property listed in our real estate portfolio.

This real estate affiliate program page discusses our book affiliate program.

If you prefer to become a real estate consultant under our company and earn commission from selling real estate, you will need to first take the real estate sales training.

Click HERE to learn about our real estate sales training.

Real Estate Books Affiliate Program

As mentioned above, this page discusses our real estate books affiliate program.

Actually, this Nigeria real estate affiliate program covers all of the books sold on this real estate website.

So, what kind of books do we sell?

We sell downloadable digital books popularly called ebooks.

Our ebooks cover three key subject areas:

  • Nigeria real estate investing
  • Business investing and
  • Digital marketing

You can see some of our books by visiting our book store.

NOTE: The above link opens in a new browser window

Real Estate Affiliate Program - How It Works

Our real estate affiliate program (or associate program) is pretty straightforward.

Simply market our books online or offline and get paid when someone you told about our books buy from us.

So, how would we know if you sent us a customer who bought from us?

It's pretty simple.

Everyone who wants to market our books must get a marketer's sales page from us.

The marketer sales page comes with a "Buy Now" form at the bottom of the page where the potential buyer can fill his / her details.

When someone buys any of our books (after filling the "Buy Now" form) on your marketer sales page on this web site, we know you sent that customer to us. And we will pay you your commission within 7 days of the purchase.

How do you get your own marketer sales page on this web site and start making money?

Follow the steps below:

1. Visit our book store and decide the book you want to market

2. Pay for your marketer sales page (Just 9,900 Naira per sales page per year)

3. Call any of the phone numbers below to notify us of your payment

We will setup your marketer sales page and send you the link after confirming your payment

4. Start marketing your marketer sales page. Send people to your sales page.

5. Get paid when someone you referred to us buy any of our books

Dedicated Marketer's Sales Page

Each book you decide to market will have its own marketer's sales page. That is how we track which marketer sent a customer to us.

So, if you want to market one book, you will buy one marketer's sales page.

If you want to market 2 books, you will buy two marketer's sales page.

We recommend you start with marketing just one book first so you can focus all your resources on it and succeed with it. Then you can market more books.

What is the cost of a marketer's sales page?

Just 9,900 Naira per sales page per year.

Remember . . .
You Earn 50% Commission Per Sale!

As mentioned above, we pay our real estate affiliate program participants a whopping 50% commission per sale.

Wait. How much is that in actual cash?

Let's calculate what 50% commission translate to in actual cash.

Our key digital books generally sell for $97 (or 35,890 Naira) per unit.

50% commission comes down to about 17,945 Naira per unit sold.

This means you can recover the amount you spent buying our marketer sales page when you make just one sale!

Guess what.

The more you sell, the MORE money you make.

If you can sell just 10 units per month, that is 179,450 Naira commission per month.

If you sell 20 units per month, that is 358,900 Naira per month.

Want to make more money?

Buy your marketer sales page right NOW!

Click HERE to buy your marketer sales page hosting

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