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Real estate advertising Lagos Nigeria.

The truth is . . . you cannot run away from property advertising.

If you own a home or property for sale or let, you will get buyers or tenants faster if you advertise.

Advertising is the process of attracting the attention of potential customers to the product or service you have for sale.

In this case, you have real estate for sale or let. And you're anxious to get customers to let or buy your property. For each extra day the property stays in the market, you lose money.

The owner loses money. The estate agent representing the owner also loses money.

So, how do you get buyers to buy your property faster?

Advertise. Do some real estate advertising.

Property advertising displays your properties available for sale or let to the public. Members of the public interested in your offer contact you and you seal the deal.

Property advertising is especially useful because it publishes your offer to millions of people at once. This increases your chances of getting a buyer.

The advertising sources available are:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Journal ads
  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Online or internet ads

    The first four options are what I call 'flash in the pan' ads.


    Simple. It's a one-time hit.

    For example if you pay for an ad space in an offline newspaper, your ad appears only on the date for which you paid. Potential customers cannot see your property ad after that first day of publication. And since most people do not read old newspapers, your money is gone.

    Bottom line.

    Real estate advertising in offline magazines and other offline media does not give the best value for your money.

    They are . . .

  • Expensive
  • Momentary - a flash in the pan and
  • Untargeted - a mass message to millions of people who are not interested in what you offer

    Besides, they do not continuously attract potential buyers because they are a one-time flash. To get repeated mention in offline magazines, radio, TV, or other mass media, you have to pay repeatedly . . . day in day out.

    Online real estate advertising is different.

    It is . . .

  • Cheap
  • Easy to set up
  • Spans a period of time and
  • targeted at your class of customers

    Fortunately, that is what we offer.

    This is Lagos Nigeria real estate web site . . . a web site dedicated to making property search easy for Nigerians. Buyers find what they want and sellers sell faster.

    The good news is this . . .

    You can now advertise your properties on this site!

    What does it cost to advertise here?

    Just a token compared to the amazing profitability benefits.

    Click HERE to learn more.

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