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The Rat Race And Children of God - Breaking FREE. Enjoying Financial Freedom.

The human race is in a dangerous rat race.

The rat race refers to the race to beat all odds to earn enough money to provide the necessities for one's self and one's family PLUS a little luxury.

An essential part of that rat race is the 8am to 5pm drill called a JOB.

A job provides the platform for anyone to earn a living. When you have a well-paying job, you live well, eat well and enjoy life.

In contrast, if you happen to be at the lower rung of the ladder with meagre pay, you struggle to get enough change to buy the bare necessities.

You struggle to:

>> Eat 3 times a day
>> Pay your house rent
>> Pay your utility bills
>> Pay your children's school fees and
>> Have a decent change of clothes

Millions of people are compelled to work over-time, work 7 days per week or work two jobs just so they can have enough to eat and pay their house rent.

Consequently, they have little or no time for their family and for God.

Bottom line.

Millions of people in Nigeria (and worldwide) are enslaved to their jobs.

They would love to have more time for their wife, their children and the service of the almighty God. But the pain and desperation of making a living is tearing them away from their precious families and their beloved God.

The rat race is killing them slowly!

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Enslavement To Your Job - Is This What God Purposed?

The Almighty God created work to be enjoyable.

The Bible noted that God worked six days and rested on the seventh day.

Unfortunately, millions who claim to be children of God in today's world cannot rest on the seventh day like their God.

They work round the clock NOT because they want to but because they have become a slave of the system.

They are in the office on Sunday morning when they should be in Church.


Yes, it's because they could lose their jobs if they don't obey the master's call to come to work on Sunday.

They are at work all through the Christmas and New year holidays even though they earnestly want to be with their families. But hey, the master (their employer) said they must come to work. And so they go to work for fear of losing their jobs.

When the church is holding their annual convention and they would really love to share the presence of God with fellow children of God . . . guess where they are.

Yes, in the office because they dare not stay away from work since their employer bluntly refused to grant them casual leave to attend the convention.
The result?

Seriously dissatisfied men and women who go through the routine of being happy but who are crying or dying inside.

Surely, this is not what God purposed for his children. God's will is not being accomplished when his professed children become slaves to their jobs because of fear of losing their jobs.

God Offers A Better Way!

The bible clearly states that "where the spirit of God is, there is freedom".

If you're struggling with your job or your job is stealing time that should rightly be spent on spiritual activities, then you need to wake up.

The truth is . . . true children of God do not allow themselves to be caught in the same dangerous vicious cycle that children of the devil get caught in.

The almighty God made work, play, and worship. And those three must be used in proper balance.

Children of God have time for God.

Therefore, children of God must get off the rat race.

So, how would children of God get off the rat race?

Simple. Think the way God thinks.

Are You A Child of God?
Get Your Own Farm!

When God created man, he told man to cultivate the soil and eat from it.

In simple words . . . God gave man a business, farming business.

Our forefathers in Africa similarly passed this form of business to their children from generation to generation.

While growing up, children would support their parents in the family's farming business. When the boys become teenagers, their fathers will give them their own portion of land to farm.

When the children's farms grew big enough to support a family, the parents made arrangements for their sons to get suitable wives from responsible families in the village or nearby villages.

In those good old days, there was nothing like city life. And young men and women did not go in search of white collar jobs.

Everyone had work.

Best of all, everyone had their own business and controlled their time.

Everyone had freedom!

Financial FREEDOM For All!

God desires everyone to be financially free.

Financial freedom means that you have your own farm . . . your own independent business.

Financial freedom means that you're the boss and you have control of your time and resources.

You're in charge!

Nobody pushes you around!

If you're financially free and in-charge, you can allocate your time wisely.

1. You can spend more time with your family and

2. You can ensure nothing encroaches on the time you have set aside for your creator, the almighty God.

Oh, yes, you can . . .

>> Go to church every Sunday

>> Attend every church convention

>> Spend more time winning souls for God and

>> Give God as much time as you please

Yes, God wants us to be financially free so we can serve him whole-heartedly.

Make The Shift! Get off The Rat Race!
Become An Independent Entrepreneur!

It's beautiful to own a business of your own.

It's beautiful to be in-charge and in control of your time and resources.

However, most people are afraid to leave their paid job to start a business because business is tough and the failure rate is high.

How does one beat those odds, get off the rat race and step over to financial freedom as an independent entrepreneur?

We recommend starting an independent business that . . .

1. Has low startup capital

2. Has online presence

3. Does not require you to be physically present in a shop setting and

4. Allows you to run the business part-time until the returns is enough to quit your day job

The good news is . . . that kind of business is available right here in Nigeria and in over 50 other countries of the world.

This business offers an opportunity to be financially free with little startup capital and with the support of people who have the same dream as yourself.

Bottom line.

If you love your family and love God and want to have more time for both PLUS a chance to earn even more money with less headache, then you should consider quitting the rat race and stepping over to the kind of life God wants for you.

Step over and embrace the freedom of being your own boss! The freedom of the children of God!

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