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Property value Lagos Nigeria - Prices of properties for sale in Lagos vary from location to location and even within the same location in Lagos.

So, what is your house worth?

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Wait. Why would home values within the same location and within the same category vary in rental or sale value?

Well, the truth is that while two properties may look alike, they may not command the same rental or sale price. For example, suppose there
are two buildings each with, say, 2 units of 3 bedroom flat. The rental price of each 3 bedroom flat within each building may not be the same even though each apartment has 3 bedrooms.

The basis for the difference in the rental property value or homes for sale value may be due to a number of reasons.

For instance, the apartments may be different in terms of . . .

  • bedroom size
  • living room size
  • kitchen size
  • number of bathrooms
  • number of toilets
  • wardrobe size
  • presence or absence of wardrobes
  • presence or absence of water source e.g borehole or water well
  • ceiling design e.g. plain ceiling boards or POP ceilings

. . . and more.

Some buildings are simply inviting. When you walk into them, you know you're home and that this looks and feels like the apartment you've been searching for all month. And when the real estate agent calls the higher than average rental price, (who cares!) you want it!

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Well, that is the very reason why some homes cost more than others even when they are in the same neighbourhood, on the same street or even side by side.

So, if you want your property value to be highly rated or want your house highly priced, don't just build a house. Build a home that you can price for
and that commands high rental or sale value.

Okay, I know I have told you again and again to build your own home. And I know I have advised you to start with a small house if you do not have the resources to build a big house.

That not withstanding, if you've moved beyond just building a small that you intend to live in with your family . . . if you're building residential real estate for rental purposes, apartment buildings that you wish to offer potential tenants at a price or that you wish to sell outright, then you need to do it right.

Build Nigeria real estate with class, style, and taste . . . a property that will attract good market value, command acceptability among potential
tenants or buyers, and something you can price for.

Nigerians love style and class. You can't go wrong if you build lovely residential or commercial real estate in Lagos Nigeria. The returns will
justify your investment.

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