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Products manufacturing directory Lagos Nigeria - The purpose of this Lagos Nigeria products manufacturing directory is to provide a one-stop shop for manufacturing companies in Nigeria to connect with manufacturing suppliers or vendours who specialize in providing companies industrial manufacturing supplies.

It doesn't matter whether you are a small vendour of manufacturing supplies or a large company. This manufacturing directory provides a unique opportunity for you to showcase the products and services you sell to all categories of manufacturers in Nigeria.

Let's face it.

Breaking through the barriers of major products manufacturing companies in Nigeria in order to see the purchasing manager and get him to consider your proposal is often a herculean task.

Large products manufacturing companies usually have chains of command that you have to climb to reach the guy who makes the final purchase decision.

Guess what.

If the guy at the lower level doesn't like you for some reason, your manufacturing supplies proposal is certain to be thrown out the door for some flimsy reason. Even security men at the gate of major production companies like to play God. So, if the security guy looks at you and doesn't take a liking to you, you may not even get the opportunity to submit your proposal.

The good news is . . . this manufacturing directory is here to change that.


Well, most small to medium and large companies are now internet-aware. Their petty gist in Facebook has forced them to get 24/7 internet access. And with internet access comes the desire to explore.

The truth is . . . more and more Nigerians are joining the internet revolution day by day. That means the big executive you're trying to reach and that appears to be unreachable is right now online searching for reliable supplies that can make it hectic supply chain purchasing job easier.

So, he will go online to search for credible Nigerian manufacturing suppliers and vendours who can deliver on the service company.

What happens when you list your service here?

These top executives of products manufacturing companies will find you. And when they do, they will either call you or get their juniors to call you. And since the order to get you in came from the big boss himself, you will be whisked to the head of purchasing (or logistics) in no time.

Guess what.

In no time you will get a manufacturing supplies contract that will make your dream come true.

What We Do

This manufacturing directory is home to . . .

  • Raw materials suppliers
  • Packaging materials suppliers
  • Consumables suppliers for products manufacturing companies
  • Laboratories that test industrial materials
  • Manufacturing technology developers, scientists, and engineers

    . . . and any business that serve products manufacturing companies one way or another.

    The only criteria to get listed in this Nigeria manufacturing directory is this . . . your business must be located in Nigeria and you MUST be serving manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

    Why A Manufacturing Directory

    The manufacturing sector is referred to as "The Real Sector".


    It's because manufacturing drives a nation's progress.

    This means that if a nation is massively involved in manufacturing and massively supports the growth of small-scale

    and large-scale manufacturing processes, the country will be highly developed.

  • More jobs will be created
  • More Locally available raw materials will be converted into finished goods
  • More people will be economically empowered
  • More people will live above the poverty level
  • Crime levels will drop drastically

    . . . and more!

    Manufacturing is indeed the Real Sector!

    My Contribution - Encouraging The Growth Of Small Scale Manufacturing Industries

    I believe strongly in manufacturing. Maybe it's because I first became a production engineer before becoming a real estate consultant.

    Manufacturing is at the heart of a nation's growth. And I want to be part of that growth.

    So, I am offering this directory free to all products manufacturing companies and vendours or suppliers that serve them.

    This means that you can list your company free in this manufacturing directory if you are a raw or packaging materials supplier or if you serve the food manufacturing industry in any way.

    We charge companies who advertise on this site a moderate and fair advertising fee. But folks who serve the food manufacturing industry get to advertise their products and services free on this site.

    This is my contribution to the growth of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria.

    If you love what we do, please make a donation to support our cause.

    Use the links below to access the directory.

    Packaging Supplies - Packaging Suppliers

    Food Manufacturing Raw Materials Suppliers

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