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Private schools are flourishing in Lagos Nigeria. New private schools are constantly surfacing and growing beyond bounds.

The reason?

Business is good. School population is large and ever increasing, as the population of Lagos is constantly rising. Add to that the fact that the average family have at least four kids of primary and secondary or high school age and you will understand just how large the student market is.

Public schools, or government owned schools, also enjoy mass patronage.

The classes are full. The student population is massive. In fact, in most public schools, the student population is so large that school facilities are stretched to the limit.

This explains why the number of private schools in Lagos Nigeria is increasing steadily.

Business minded people see the huge potential for profitability with school business and are jumping in enmass. And many are reporting steady growth in student population and profitability.

Large student population plus high school fees plus repeat business plus growing population equates to long-term profitability. There is money waiting to be made in Nigerian schools. Is this a good or a bad thing?

The upsurge in the number of schools in Lagos Nigeria is most certainly a good development considering the limitations associated with public schools.

Public schools have three key limitations . . .

1. Lack of teaching resources

2. Crowded classrooms and

3. Disruption of school activities by teachers' strikes

Privately owned schools are more focused, business oriented and curriculum driven.

These schools are owned by business people who recognize that they offer a service to customers and they stand to lose their valuable customers - and their profitability - if service delivery is not satisfactory.

Of course, not all schools owned and run by individuals are professionally operated. Some lack the managerial ability to do a good job while others lack the financial muscle to provide adequate learning resources in the schools they manage.

Nevertheless, privately owned schools in Lagos Nigeria offer a better deal to parents. That is the very reason why parents, especially low to medium income earners, are willing to pay through their nose to send their kids to privately owned and managed schools . . . from nursery all the way to University level.

Thinking of sending your kids to a privately owned school?

Use the free tips in the Lagos schools guide section.

Give your kids the best education possible within your means.

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