Free Press Release Nigeria - Online Media Center For News Articles, Breaking News, And Press Releases From Nigeria.

Free press release Nigeria - Welcome to the premium free online media center that features news articles from Lagos Nigeria and all over Nigeria.

This Nigeria online media center is dedicated to press releases, breaking news and all forms of news articles from Nigeria and about Nigeria.

The news release may be . . .

  • Business news
  • Public relations news
  • Government news
  • School news
  • Product release news
  • Non-profit related news
  • . . . and anything else that is news worthy and is about Nigeria or something happening in Nigeria.

    If anything is news worthy or has news value, you should post it here in this Nigeria online media center using the simple form below.

    Wait. What is a press release?

    A press release is a public relations communication from an organization or an individual. The purpose of this form of news release is to inform the public of an event, a product release, company appointments, management restructuring, promotion of company executives, or to provide clarity on a subject of public interest.

    It could also be an organizational announcement or an individual or family announcement.

    Have a new product that just hit the market?

    Tell the world about it using the simple news article publishing form below.

    Launching a new program that will greatly enhance the way Nigerians do business?

    Talk about it using the publishing tools in this Nigeria online media center.

    Wait. What is the difference between a press release and an advert?

    The difference is this . . . a news release or news article is not a promotion article. It is an article that is news worthy. It is something that can be featured as news . . . breaking news, if you like.

    News releases are targeted at consumers, customers, and journalists. When you write a well-crafted press release, journalists will see the news worthiness of your article and can then use your article as a basis for writing articles for their online or offline magazines.

    In simple words . . . a well written news release can become a catalyst for generating unlimited leads to your web site or your web business because hundreds of journalists from across the world can conveniently use your release as a basis for writing stunning articles about any subject that will interest he public.

    That action can result in massive growth in your site's link popularity and, consequently, more visitors to your web site daily and monthly. And therefore, more business for you.

    Therefore, do NOT write a news article or news release unless you actually have news to share. If you want to advertise your products and services on this web site for the world to see, then use the appropriate directory link in the Nigeria Market.

    Want to get worldwide recognition?

    Then use this free Nigeria press or media release service appropriately. Share news worthy stuff about your company, product release, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, and stuff that benefit society.

    By creating news articles that actually is breaking news, you capture the heart of readers, especially journalists. And these journalists can then turn your simple story into news material for online and offline news journals and magazines.

    Guess what. You could become front page news across the country and globally.

    Remember . . . a press or media release is not commercial advertising. But by writing a suitable news worthy news release, you can get national and global attention that can positively impact your profitability.

    Ready? Have breaking news to share?

    Click HERE to submit your news.


    Do NOT use the form below to submit your news.

    Instead . . . click HERE to submit your news.

    Press Release Distribution

    Free Press Release Directory - Nigeria Media Center For News Release

    Have something news worthy?

    Then post a press release in this media center and press release directory using the form below.

    Write a captivating title, description, and then your address and phone numbers. Provide contact information and the name of the contact person.

    Remember . . . it's free!


    1. The message you post here MUST be original and in your own words.

    2. Your contribution should be at least 300 words otherwise it will be deleted.

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