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"The Shocking Truth About How To Position Your Real Estate Business And Get Clients Chasing You Round The Clock Literally Begging You To Take Their Money"

This is not a joke.

You can position your real estate business in such a way that customers come chasing after you, anxious to do business with you, instead of you chasing after them and spending a whooping amount of cash on transport and phone bills with less than optimum result.

This is the smart way to do business . . . let the customers chase you instead of you chasing them!

Wait. Is that really possible?


Thousands Now Get More Clients And Make More Money Who Never Thought They Could"

How do they do it?

They use the power of the internet.

You see, the internet is a worldwide information medium. When people need information about anything, they search for it online. When they need to buy something . . . they go online and search for it. When they find it, they buy it there and then with their credit or debit card.

The same applies to real estate. (Click HERE if you're not an estate agent)

When people need to let or buy a property, they search online for it. When they find what they want or something close to what they desire, they call the estate agent and book an appointment. They visit the property with the agent and if they like what they see, they make payment.

As easy as that.

Think about it. How did you reach this page?

You probably did a search for Lagos Nigeria property or Lagos Nigeria real estate (or something related) on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. When you saw my page listed, you decided to see what I had to offer. If you like what I offer, you will naturally buy.

The same goes for clients who find your real estate listings online.

When they hit your page, they instantly get the feeling that you're a real estate consultant who knows your onions. They are drawn to you. They want to speak with you. They feel they can trust you.

That instant feeling of trust is what guarantees that you will get the sale.

With this system, you can be assured that . . .

"Your Days of Misery Is Over. No more cold-calling, No More Distribution of Handbills That Yield Little or No Result. No More Hanging Around Other Estate Agents  Begging For Crumbs From Their Clients"

Unfortunately, that is what most real estate agents do. They hang around other estate agents that have clients if only to get a share of the estate agent commission no matter how small it is.

This point hit home hard when I took a client out for inspection of a property at one of the estates in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. A swarm of estate agents were trooping after me anxious to close the deal and collect their share of the commission. They wouldn't do that if they had other clients waiting for them in their offices to close a deal or two.

The stack reality is that many estate agents do not have enough clients to sustain their business.

So, they live from hand to mouth waiting for the big break that will make them stinking rich. And this applies to all class of estate agents even the ones who started their business with substantial capital investment . . . those who appear to be making it.

The shocking truth is . . .

"You Can Have The Most Luxurious Properties In The Country, The Smartest Employees Working For You, The Most Decorated Office In The Industry - But If You're Using Ancient And Ineffective Techniques To Market Your Real Estate Business, None Of That Matters"

Honestly, none of that matters. What matters the most is how many new clients you get daily and how much money you're making.

Your real estate business will die a slow painful death if you do not continuously get new clients and make enough sales to pay off your expenses and make a sizeable profit.

The sad news is . . . the majority of estate agents do not make enough sales to stay in business.

So . . . they close shop in a year or two. And live the rest of their lives nursing the pain of the loss.

Get this clear . . .

"The Traditional Way of Doing Real Estate Business By Real Estate Agents Is Self-Sabotaging"

Think about it.

How do real estate agents in Nigeria operate? How do you operate your real estate business?

Let's break it down.

Estate agents typically rent an office in a location that they consider busy enough . . . busy enough to ensure they will get enough clients. Then they install a big enough display board outside the office reading, "Estate Agent HERE" or "Flat To Let".

A client walks in every now and then. But the business done is not sufficient to break even let alone pay his own salary. So, he networks with other agents to see what's available and who's ready to buy what. In the process he makes extra income.

However, for most estate agents, the income generated is often more than the expenses incurred by only a small margin. That means that the majority of agents make only a small profit. And with several mouths to feed and skyrocketing family expenses, the average real estate agent in Nigeria is in a dilemma.

What's next?

Naturally . . . the business close shop.

Fortunately, I do not operate that way.

"Clients Call Me, Tell Me What They Want, Pay Me To Search For What They Want. Then Pay Me The Estate Agent Commission When I Get What They Want"

Bottom line.

My clients cover part of the property search expenses.


Because they see me as a consultant. Consultants charge a real estate mobilization fee. Estate agents do not.

Secondly, they have come to trust me. They know I am trustworthy and recognize that trustworthy people are difficult to find. They also realize that it is better to pay a token to engage the services of a trustworthy person than to attempt to save money and fall into the hands of a dubious mindless heartless crook posing as an estate agent.

How come they trust me when they have never met me in person?

They have visited my site . . . this site. They have read the content. They see honesty shine through. They see professionalism sprinkled everywhere.

They have also seen my picture on my site. They not only saw my picture, they also saw my wife's picture. It tells them I'm a family man. It tells them I'm responsible, lovable, stable . . . trustworthy.

Convinced they have found the perfect real estate consultant for their real estate search, they call me. After speaking with me, they realize I'm even better than they imagined.

So we do business . . . good business. They are satisfied, I'm happy . . . a WIN-WIN situation.

But wait. How did it all start? How did they find me?

Through the internet. Through my site.

How does that concern you? Why should you care?

Well . . .

I'd Like To Hand You The Exact Same Marketing Strategies I Use To Attract Over 500 People A day To My Real Estate Business

Over 1,200 prospects a day?

Yes, you heard correctly. My web site currently gets over 1,200 unique visitors per day. That is, over 36,000 unique visitors per month.

Obviously, I cannot attend to every single one of them. Actually, I deal with only a select number of clients. What about the others?

I am passing them to you for a token.

"Why Would I Want To Pass Valuable Clients To You? Isn't That Too Good To Be True?"

The truth is . . . the market is big enough for all of us.

Yes, passing clients to other real estate agents does not hurt my business. In fact, it enhances it. How?

When I pass clients to other agents, they make more money. Naturally, they tell others about the revolution happening in their business. Those they tell tell others who also tell others. The news travels far and wide pulling more visitors (and potential customers) to this site.

The implication of the unfettered growth of this site?

You got it . . . more customers for you!

Money-Saving Bargains From
Nigeria's Most Large Hearted Real Estate Consultant

So, what exactly am I offering you?

The opportunity to advertise on my global, internationally recognized Lagos Nigeria real estate web site . . . this very site.

The benefits are enormous.

1. You get . . .

2. Your ad is available to potential buyers 24/7 and 365 days a year

3. You get access to post unlimited number of ads on the site and multiply your chances of being found by prospects

4. You get a FULL PAGE profile page where you can sell your company to potential customers

5. You get unlimited access to the global market

6. You get international clients who come to trust you because of the reputation of this site (Note that dishonest advertisers are de-listed when found)

7. You pay one-time low fee per month. No weekly or daily billing like many news media do

8. You grow your customer base astronomically

9. You get to generate unlimited profit from the volume of clients we send you daily

10. You get opportunity to partner with international investors thinking of investing in Nigeria

Benefit From Our Blockbuster Offer

Think about it.

What is the value of one additional customer to you?

Let me give you an idea.

Suppose you get a prospect through this real estate website who wants to rent a 3 bedroom luxury flat in Ocean Parade Towers in Banana Island Ikoyi. What would your commission on that one transaction be?

Let's see.

A 3 bedroom flat in Banana Island Ikoyi rents for $85,000 USD per annum, as at the time of this writing.

Suppose the client pays 2 years rent as is customary with most landlords in Lagos Nigeria. Suppose too that the customary real estate commission of 10% of the value of the transaction applies.

The client will pay $170,000 USD as rent and $17,000 USD as commission. That is, 2.63 million Naira as commission.

If you got the property through another agent, you will get 50% cut of the commission. That is a commission of 1.3 million just from this one transaction.

Guess what.

If you're the direct agent to this property, you get to keep the entire 2.63 million Naira to yourself.

2.6 million Naira from just one transaction!


Now you understand the value of just one client from this web site to your real estate business.

Serious About Wanting To Get Clients And Make More Money? Ready To Live The Good Life?

Advertise on this site . . . here and now.

What does it cost?

In your opinion, what should it cost?

Ideally, a service like this should cost a minimum of =N=4,000 per day . . . =N=120,000 per month.

If you go by newspaper publication advert rates in Nigeria, you should pay something in the neighbourhood of =N=16,000 per day and =N=480,000 per month.

What do you get when newspapers charge you that much?

A quarter page advert published on the particular date you paid for. After that day, your ad is replaced by those of other advertisers who paid for the new date.

Bottom line.

Your ad in a newspaper, and indeed, any print media including real estate print media, is just for the moment.

It's a flash in the pan. It's a one-day ad. 24hrs down the road, your money is gone. And how many people you know return to read through outdated newspapers? Hardly any.

But with your online real estate ad on this web site, your ad is ever fresh and is present here 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Nothing can beat that.

Better still, you get to post unlimited number of ads and real estate listings. And there's no limit on the number of listings you can have per page.

What is the true value of that?

Over half a million Naira per year.

So, what does it cost?

Just =N=20,000 . . . =N=3,000 per year.

"Take The Leap. Save Your Business. Move From Zero To Hero"

This is about the most important decision you will make about your business this year.

Take the leap from being just an estate agent that earns crumbs to a real estate consultant that get paid with respect and that earns thousands per transaction.

Take advantage of the low price now.

Click HERE to see breakdown of ad pricing and achieve business success.


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