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Portakabin For Sale Lagos Nigeria

by samson

portakabin pictures lagos nigeria africa

Portakabin for sale Lagos Nigeria - Custom Built Portacabins For Sale

We offer custom built portakabins for sale in Lagos Nigeria in partnership with a leading engineering service company in Nigeria.

This means that we build portakabins to customer specifications.

What is the advantage of this?

Well, the reality is that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to portakabins because different customers have different requirements.

There are customers who want . . .

  • 1 bedroom flat portacabins
  • 2 bedroom flat portacabins or
  • 3 bedroom flat portakabins

    Some other customers come and say they want portakabins that have just two rooms without living (or sitting) room while others want a living room (they call it standard portakabin).

    When you buy a portakabin off the shelf, you have no choice but to live with the design. If there's something about the design you don't fancy, you will have to spend more money to fix or modify it.

    However, when you order a custom built portakabin, you have the golden opportunity to ask for a design or set of specifications that completely match the purpose for which you need the portacabin.

    Consequently, when the portacabin arrives at your preferred location, you have it exactly as you want it . . . no need to spend extra money
    to make it fit for purpose.

    There is nothing like portakabins for sale built to your own specifications . . . portakabins built to meet your specific needs, which is different from that of thousands of other customers out there.

    What About Time? When Will Your Portakabin Be Ready?

    modular homes lagos nigeria africa

    Potential buyers of portakabins worry about when the portakabins will be ready if they order a custom built portakabin. That explains why a lot of people prefer to buy ready-made "one size fits all" portakabins.

    In fact, sometimes when I ask potential buyers when they need the portakabins, some simply reply, "like yesterday!"

    In effect, many potential buyers of portakabins want their portakabins right here, right now!

    "I want to pay and collect it right away!"

    But think about it.

    If you buy an already completed portakabin made to the specifications of the designer and you move the portakabin to your site the same day, you will be excited . . . sure. But what happens thereafter?

    portakabin sample lemon colour lagos nigeria africa

    You then have to spend some more time modifying it to your taste. And the repair men you call to modify it most likely will not do it like experts.

    My advice?

    Order a custom built portakabin for sale Lagos Nigeria . . . a portakabin built to your own specifications and one that meet your own needs.

    How long will it take to complete your portakabin order?

    Two to three weeks depending on the workload.

    Can you wait two to three weeks to get a portakabin that is fit for the purpose you want it?

    I think you should.

    Click HERE to request a quote.

    P.S: We also build containers and prefabricated and modular homes. If you need a modular home, prefabricated home, or container in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria, simply contact us and request a quote.

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