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Pay Per Sale Affiliate Program - Premium Pay Per Sale Affiliate Program. Get Fat Commissions!

pay per sale lagos nigeria africa

We offer premium pay per sale affiliate program for residents of Lagos Nigeria and people living everywhere else in Nigeria.

This means that we give people an opportunity to promote our products and services for a share of the commission.

We offer two opportunities to make money:

1. Through our portable cabin affiliate program and

2. Through our online business training program

This page covers our pay per sale affiliate program for our online business training.

Online Business Training Affiliate Program

The online business training pay per sale affiliate program is open to all residents of Nigeria. And it is free to join.

How does it work?

Well, there are three aspects to this program. And they are:

1. The online business training program itself

2. The affiliate or partner program commission and

3. How to grow your commission cheque

I will explain the three aspects of our pay per sale affiliate program mentioned above so you get a clear understanding of what you're expected to promote and what you will benefit by doing so.

So, let's start.

The Benefits of The Training

The online business training sales page provides clear information about the internet business training offered by Seamless Solutions, a web solutions business based in Lagos Nigeria.

On that page you will find details about the . . .

  • Course curriculum
  • Course fee
  • Course venue and
  • Course payment information

    Here's a summary of that information.

    This online business training program equips individuals to build popular and profitable online businesses around their hobby, knowledge, or experience.

    In simple words . . . this course empowers people to become self employed.

    Nigeria has millions of young people and adults who are desperately looking for a means of livelihood. These people, young and old, have written dozens of job application letters in their quest to find jobs.

    The good news is . . . they don't have to look for jobs anymore. They can create their own home based business they operate right from the comfort of their homes.

    Yes, you can help these folks become financially independent . . . and free . . . by becoming a member of our pay per sale affiliate program and promoting our online business training program to people you know or meet in the course of every day life.

    Training Periods - Timing Vis A Vis Customer Types

    Some potential participants of this training program have very busy week days and are only available on weekends whereas others have a more flexible schedule.

    Even among those that have busy weekdays, some have opportunity to take time off work by applying for casual leave or part of their annual vacation.

    Whatever the class of potential program participants you meet, there is a training solution for them.

    We actually have two training sessions per month.

    The first session happens on week days while the other happens on weekends. So, market this online business training and give potential program participants an opportunity to choose the session they wish to attend.

    Click HERE to information about the weekday training.

    Click HERE for information about the weekend training.

    NOTE: This online business training uses a software called SBI. This software has helped thousands of people worldwide build businesses that has set them financially free. It can help those you market to too.

    What Commission Do You Get?

    Remember . . .

    Our affiliate program is a pay per sale affiliate program. Therefore you get paid for each participant you refer to these training sessions.

    Naturally, the next question is . . . what commission do you get per participant you refer to this training?

    You get 5,000 Naira for each paying participant you refer to the training.

    Think about it.

    If you refer up to 10 people to each training session, you will get 50,000 Naira per session. That is, 100,000 Naira for the two monthly sessions!

    Guess what.

    You get this commission for referring them to the training and ensuring that they pay for the training.

    You do nothing else. You do not get involved with the actually training.

    WoW! This is cool!

    Make Hefty Commission By Marketing To Expensive Secondary Schools!

    I know what you're thinking.

    You're wondering how you will get as many as ten people (or more) to register for the Solo Build It online business training.

    Guess what.

    There is a simple solution.

    Market to big expensive secondary schools.

    Secondary schools are perfect places to market this course.


    Well, secondary schools have a large population of people eager to learn new stuff . . . people who want to do something with their lives, people trying to create a future of their dreams.

    This Solo Build It online business training provides the perfect opportunity. And you will generate good commission from our pay per sale affiliate program if you take advantage of this opportunity.

    What category of secondary school students fit the profile of people who should attend this course?

    They are students in SSE 2 and SSE 3.

    The good thing with expensive secondary schools is that they are constantly looking for avenues to distinguish themselves. This course provides an opportunity for them to do just that.

    Here's a second reason why marketing to secondary schools is such a smart idea?

    All you need to do to sell this course to secondary schools is to convince the school principal or proprietress of the value of the course to her students.

    Once the principal or proprietress is convinced, selling it to parents will be as easy as eating meat pie. And when the first set of students from the school graduate from the course, they are likely to begin to speak a different language . . . online business language that other students don't understand. And they will brag about their pretty websites too!

    Guess what will happen next.

    Everyone in the school will want to fit in by attending the course and building their own income generating websites they can brag about too.

    That is more commission for you!

    Here's more good news for you.

    When you get a school to register her students for this course, you continue to get your commission for every student that participate in this course from that school.

    So, getting the principal of a school or the proprietress to endorse this course may be difficult at first. But think of the repeat commission you get for every new set of students who enroll for this course after the first class.

    Yes, if you do this right, you may find yourself enrolling as many as 20 students per school per session for this course.

    That is cool 200,000 Naira commission per month for just a few hours of work!

    Duplicate this and you will get as much as 400,000 Naira per month.

    Guess what.

    Once the principal or proprietress is sold on this course, we keeping teaching it to different class of students every month and you keep getting your commission . . . no stress.

    Can you see the potential?

    Start right away.

    Register for our pay per sale affiliate program and start marketing our online business training today.

    Look for a high priced expensive school and connect with the school principal or proprietress right away.

    Believe me . . .

    This pay per sale affiliate program is your ticket to the good life.


    1. Expensive secondary schools pay high school fees. That means the parents of the students can afford this course.

    2. You can also market to university and polytechnic students but your chances of getting a large number of participants faster is with secondary schools.

    3. HR departments of many companies constantly look for retirement courses for their employees. So, you can also promote this course to the HR departments of big companies.

    4. Another big market you can promote this course to, as a member of our pay per sale affiliate program, are the employees of large and small companies who are tired of their work conditions and remuneration. These people desperately want to change their career.

    The internet provides an easier way to make money. This course will teach them how to make money from the internet.

    So, promote this course in such organizations and get your pay per sale commission for every one of these paying participants you refer.

    P.S: The cost of this course is 85,000 Naira per participant. This includes the cost of one year subscription to Solo Build It, the online business software that will be used for the training.

    Participants of this online business training (also called Solo Build It training) will build their own hobby or business website during the training. And they can continue to expand this site with the knowledge acquired long after the training is over.

    This is a practical training program.

    Click HERE for the weekday session or HERE for details of the weekend training session.

    P.P.S: The training can be held in a school that has as many as 10 students for the course if the school has computers and internet connection.

    P.P.P.S: Want a fat pay per sale commission? Start right away. Have questions? Simply contact us.

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