Online Payment Nigeria - Online Shopping With Credit Card. Buy Online In Nigeria.

Online payment Nigeria - We are an online shopping and online payment company that help individuals and organizations in Nigeria to buy online with credit card. We pay online for you with credit card.

You tell us what you want to buy online and the web site where you want to buy it, then we pay online for you or buy it for you from the web site you specify using our credit card.

If the product purchased is a physical item, we put the shipping address you send us as the destination address. This enables the merchant to ship the items bought directly to your address.

The big question is, "Why online shopping? Why buy online?"

The simple answer is . . . some items are only available online or on the internet. These items include e-books, software, some types of electronic gadgets, books in print, special wrist watches, perfumes, special jewelry . . . and many more.

If you see something on any web site and you wish to buy it, just use our online payment service.

Our name is Samson Itoje Consulting. We are a Nigerian based company that provide internet business services that include . . .

  • online payment services (we pay online for you with our credit card)
  • Web design services - We build web sites for clients
  • Online press release service - We create and publish your press release online and increase your business visibility
  • online shopping service

    . . . and more.

    The Buy Online Process

    The next obvious question is . . . what is the pay online procedure? How do you use our online payment service?

    It's pretty simple. Just follow the simple steps below.

    1. Determine what you want to buy online

    2. Determine if the web site you wish to buy from accept customers and credit card payment from people resident in Nigeria

    3. Determine the price of the product or service you wish to buy and the shipping cost to your address (where applicable)

    4. Attempt to buy the product as if you want to use your own credit card (this helps you see all the information that is required during the purchase process as well as the shipping cost to your address. You will need to send all the information required to us for us to complete the purchase for you).

    5. Fill the form below to send us all the information required to complete the purchase

    6. Read our online payment terms of service to be sure you understand and agree with our terms of service before filling the form below.

    7. Pay the total purchase cost (in U.S. dollars) into the account number we send to you. The total purchase cost for any item is the cost of the item you want to buy plus the shipping cost (where applicable) plus our service charge plus 5% transaction charge.

    Please note the following:

    1. We only pay online for you

    2. We do not ship products. The web site you are buying from does the shipping.

    3. We send you the online receipt sent to us by the web site you wish to buy from. This is proof of payment.

    4. Our job is done after we make payment for you

    5. If there are issues with delivering the product, it's your responsibility to contact the online merchant with the receipt we sent you. We are not involved with goods delivery dispute. Remember, we only pay online for you and send you the receipt as proof of payment.

    6. If you decide you don't want to buy the item anymore after you have paid U.S. dollars into our account, you lose the service charge plus 5% transaction fee. This helps us cover bank charges and miscellaneous expenses associated with canceling the transaction.

    7. Be absolutely sure that the web site you want to buy from will accept Nigerian credit card or customers from Nigeria. If they do not accept our credit card, then we have to cancel the order and cancellation condition mentioned above will apply.

    Please read the online payment terms of service for the complete terms of service.

    Important! DO NOT make payment into our account unless you really want to buy something and you are convinced you really want to go ahead with the purchase. And DO NOT make payment into our account unless you first confirm that the online merchant you wish to buy from accept clients from Nigeria. A simple email to the merchant can clarify that.

    The cost of cancellation is expensive! So, do thorough inquiry with the merchant before contacting us to buy for you from a particular merchant.

    Pay Online Service - Our Service Charge

    Now the big question . . . what is our service charge?

    We charge $50 U.S. dollars per transaction or per item purchased. We also charge a 5% transaction fee to cover miscellaneous costs associated with each transaction.

    In simple words . . . we charge $50 USD + 5% of the item cost

    Ready to buy online? Ready to use our online shopping services? Want us to pay online for you?

    Great. But wait.

    Have you read the terms of service?

    If yes, fill the form below to engage us to buy online for you.

    I Want To Buy Something Online

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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