Online Payment Terms of
Service Nigeria

Samson Itoje consulting offers online payment service to residents of Nigeria.

Please read the terms of service for this service offering before signing up for it. The terms of service is laid out in simple language below.

1. You understand that we only pay online for you

2. You understand that we do not ship products. The web site you are buying from does the shipping.

3. You understand that we send you the online receipt sent to us by the web site you wish to buy from. You accept that this is sufficient proof of payment.

4. You understand and agree that our job is done after we make payment for you

5. You understand and agree that if there are issues with delivering the product, it's your responsibility to contact the online merchant with the merchant's online receipt we forwarded to you. You understand and agree that we are not involved with goods delivery dispute. You understand that we only pay online for you and send you the receipt sent to us by the merchant as proof of payment.

6. You understand and agree that if you decide you don't want to buy the item anymore after you have paid U.S. dollars into our account, you lose the service charge plus the 5% transaction fee. This enable us cover bank charges and miscellaneous expenses associated with canceling the transaction.

7. You understand that you have to be absolutely sure that the web site you want to buy from will accept Nigerian credit card or customers from Nigeria before you contact us to buy from any web site for you. You understand and agree that if the merchant you wish to buy from do not accept our credit card, then we have to cancel the order and the cancellation condition mentioned above will apply.

8. You understand and agree that when you make payment into our account, it is evidence that you have done due diligence with your preferred merchant and that you are responsible for dealing with any issues arising from the purchase from the online merchant

9. You understand that some online merchants can be dubious and fraudulent and that you are taking a risk by choosing to buy from a particular merchant. You agree not to hold Samson Itoje and the team at Samson Itoje Consulting responsible for any loss of funds due to the purchase from a merchant recommended by you

10. You understand and agree that changes will be made to this terms of service as issues arise and the internet evolves. You agree that posting such notices on this page is sufficient notification to you and future merchants

11. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to visit this page for any updates to this service terms in order to understand the prevailing terms of service, if you decide to buy online using this service anytime in the future.

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