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Online marketing training Lagos Nigeria - I offer live internet marketing training for residents of Nigeria.

Who am I?

My name is Samson Itoje, author of this Lagos Nigeria real estate website, CEO of ZY Properties, and experienced Online marketing training provider.

I received internet marketing training a few years back. And that has greatly enhanced the profitability of my business.

In fact, over 90 percent of my income now come from my online business.

Unfortunately, I find that millions of Nigerians still do not understand the power of having an internet business.

These small business people spend loads of cash promoting their business through less productive marketing techniques like advertising in offline newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Unknown to these folks, they can spend a fraction of that cost attending an online marketing training and thereafter use that knowledge to start a hobby or business website that will generate income for them for life.


How valuable can attending an internet marketing training be?

Actually, attending an online business training session can be very valuable and beneficial to you and your business.

Internet Marketing Training - The Theory Versus The Practice

True, attending an instructor-led training facilitated by an internet business consultant can be very valuable.

However, it's not sufficient to just attend any online marketing training.


Well, the truth is this . . . not all online business training deliver on the service promise.


It's because many self acclaimed internet marketing training experts are 'experts' by the fact that they have read an internet marketing book or attended an online marketing training organized by another self-acclaimed expert.

In simple words . . . these self styled experts attend a training and then begin to offer the training.

Bottom line.

They learn the theory and then attempt making money from unsuspecting training prospects by teaching the same over-recited internet marketing strategies that lead training participants nowhere good.

Here's the truth.

Many self-acclaimed internet marketing experts DO NOT make money online themselves.

Think about it.

If a self-appointed internet business consultant does not make money from the internet, how will he successfully teach you to make money from the internet?

Remember "when a blind man leads another blind man, they will both fall into a pit".

So, yes, you can grow a successful long-term business using the internet. And you can accelerate your pace to success by attending an online marketing training.

But if you really want to succeed with your online business, you MUST attend an internet marketing training organized by an internet business expert that is TRULY making money from the internet through GENUINE DUPLICATABLE methods.

Obviously, you do not want to get involved with 419 or online fraud. That kind of success does not last.

So, look for online marketing training organized or facilitated by an internet marketing expert that . . .

1. Has a web established popular hobby or business website

2. Has a hobby or business website that makes money

3. Has a reputation for being honest and

4. Has a reputation for offering practical training, not theory

If you attend a training facilitated by this kind of online marketing training expert, you will learn how to build a popular and profitable web business.

Online Business Training With A Difference - Your Chance To Make Money Online

Fortunately, you have a choice. And you don't have to look further to make that choice.

What choice?

Well, I offer practical hands-on online business training to residents of Nigeria.

Who am I?

My name is Samson Itoje, author of this site and CEO ZY Properties.

Is this Nigeria property website popular?


This site currently gets an average of 1,600 unique visitors per day. That is, about 48,000 unique visitors per month.

Do I make money from this Nigeria real estate website?


Every month I receive mouth watering commission from the affiliate I represent plus this website consistently sends qualified traffic or potential customers to my real estate business.

Do I have a reputation for being honest?


Read the pages of this website and ask about me anywhere you wish . . . online or offline, in Nigeria or overseas. Then reach a conclusion as to what you wish to believe.

Do I offer practical online marketing training?


People who attend the internet marketing training I facilitate receive hands-on training.

I take them step by step through steps to . . .

  • brainstorm keywords related to their site concept
  • Analyze those keywords and develop a winning VPP (Valuable Pre-selling Proposition)
  • Register a domain that makes sense to search engines and human visitors
  • Develop an appealing site template
  • Write content that win with people and search engines
  • Pre-sell to site visitors
  • Establish relationships with site visitors
  • Submit site to major search engines
  • Build pages that attract visitor feedback and further increase site content
  • Use social media like Facebook and twitter to increase site traffic
  • Increase site traffic through online marketing
  • Convert site traffic to hard cash that swell your bank account

    . . . and much more!

    In fact, by the time you complete this training, you would have started your own website (developed in the course of the training) built around your hobby, knowledge, or experience. And you can continue to use the knowledge you gained during the training to expand this site further to eve greater heights.

    Bottom line.

    You will graduate from this training with your own business or hobby website built by you through my help and guidance.

    WoW! This is wonderful!

    There is more good news.

    This online marketing training is available in two sessions:

    1. The week day training session and

    2. The weekend training session

    Choose the session that fits your schedule.

    Bottom line.

    Attend this training if you want to successfully grow your business using the internet.

    I use the internet to generate FREE leads to my business. You can do the same.

    Simply . . . attend the training.

    Click HERE for details of the week day training session

    Click HERE for details of the weekend training session


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