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How To Build A Popular And Profitable Internet Business

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Online business is business done through the internet. Online business is also referred to as internet business or web business because the internet is the medium for this kind of business.

It is also referred to as home business because you can work from home with this business model.

Web business involves building a virtual store, a web store, or a web site where you display what you have for sale. When people visit the web store or your internet business, they find what you have listed for sale and the selling price. If they like what they see, they contact you and place their order.

From the above, you may get the impression that only physical goods can be sold through the internet. Well, that is not true.

Online business is a business that spans all kind of business opportunities. Physical goods as well as intangible goods can be sold through the internet.

In simple words . . . anything can be sold through the internet. If something can be sold in a regular offline store, it can also be sold through the internet . . . through your web business store or your internet business store.

In addition, the internet opens up special business opportunities that cannot be accessed by the average guy offline.

The following information is provided to help you grasp the value of having a web business and how you can build your own profitable online business with tools designed to help you succeed.

Advantages of Internet Business

Online business have become very popular because of the following advantages of web business.

Internet business . . .

1. Is easy to start

2. Has low start up cost

3. Is easy to maintain

4. Does not require renting an offline office space

5. Does not require employing office staff. So, no salary commitments and expenses.

6. You work at your own pace and time

7. It grows exponentially over time

8. It is profitable

In any business, low startup cost plus low maintenance cost plus high returns often translates to high profitability. A web business has all of this. No wonder web business have been popular.

Unfortunately, millions of people who want to start a home business don't know how to start or what tools to use. And a large percentage of those who finally get online with their own internet business, eventually fail because they start out on the wrong foot.

This online business section of this Nigeria premium site is designed to help you avoid failure online by doing the right stuff.

What You Need To Build A Profitable
Web Business

You need the following to build a profitable internet business.

1. Domain Name

A domain name is the unique address of your business on the internet. It is the unique name by which your business is identified on the internet.

When you register a domain name, your web business store will then become accessible through that name.

Suppose you have a real estate business called ZY PROPERTIES. You then decide to buy the name,

The name will be written as

People will be able to access your site every time they type that name in their browser address bar and click the 'ENTER' button on their PC.

2. Web Hosting

The web host is the internet company that host the pages of your web site on their computer servers based on the internet.

You need to buy web hosting space (or internet computer space) to host the pages of your web site. If you buy a domain name and don't buy web hosting, people cannot access your web site. You need to have a domain name and a web hosting account for people to find your web site.

3. Web Pages or Web Site Content

The content of your web site is called web content or web site pages.

This consist of written pages, pictures, graphics, sound or music, and hyperlinks that link the pages of the web site together to form one complete whole.

If you buy domain name and web hosting, but don't have web pages, people will still be able to access your web site. But the web site will be empty.

Why empty?

Simple. You have not added any content to it. When you add pages to your web site, your web site will no longer be empty.

You need a web site designer to design your web pages for you. A web site designer is also called a webmaster.

4. Web Site Popularity

Your web site or web business needs to be popular for it to make money. If it is not, it won't make you any money no matter how beautiful it is.

If your online business is popular, it means people actually find your internet business when they search online. When they find your business and see what they like, they order. The more people who order from you, the more money you will make.

There is what is called a conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who buy from you out of all the people who visit.

Suppose your home business or internet business has a 4 percent conversion rate. That means when 100 people visit your web site, 4 people will buy.

  • when 200 people visit, 8 will order something
  • when 1000 visit, 40 items will be sold
  • when 10,000 visit, 400 items will be sold

    What does the above tell you?

    1. Not everyone who visit your web site will buy from you and

    2. The more visitors you have to your online business, the more sales you make. And the more profit you make.

    So, to make money online, you need to have a popular web business.

    5. A Diversified Income Source

    There are several ways to make money online. You can . . .

  • Sell your own products or services
  • Sell products or services from others as an affiliate
  • Sell advertising space

    A diversified income source is called multiple streams of income.

    The truth is . . . the more income sources you have on your popular web site, the more money you will make.

    So . . . don't be dependent on just one income source . . . unless the margins are huge and other income sources would distract visitors and jeopardize your margins.

    Why People Fail

    Why do millions of people who start a web business end up packing it up? Why do over 90 percent of internet businesses fail?

    The reasons are obvious.

    1. They use the wrong software tools or

    2. They choose the wrong web host or

    3. They fall for get rich quick schemes that promise overnight wealth

    How To Make Money With Your Online Business

    Want an internet business that make money? Want residual income month on month?

    I highly recommend you use Solo Build It!

    Solo Build It! is the same software I used to build this Lagos Nigeria real estate web site. And as at the time of this writing, this web site has an average of 1,000 visitors per day. That is, 30,000 unique visitors per month.


    Yes, Solo Build It! (abbreviated, SBI!) works. It helps the average guy as well as professional web designers build web sites that make money.

    What is Solo Build It!?

    Solo Build It! is a complete suite of software consisting of several modules for web site brainstorming, web site research, web site design, and web site marketing.

    Solo Build It! is a complete bundle. It provides all the online tools, resources, and training required to build a profitable online business.

    With SBI! you don't have to pay expensive web site designers to build your web site for you. You simply do it yourself after reading the SBI! manual called the Action Guide.

    Ready to build a web business that earns you residual income month after month? Ready to make money online? Want financial freedom?

    Simply fill the form below to place your order.

    What does SBI! cost?

    Just $299 per annum.

    With just $299 you get access to this powerful online business software with all the modules required to build a popular and profitable web business.

    More importantly, you get the education required to make those software tools work for you.

    Simply fill the form below to get started.

    P.S: I offer SBI training for folks who want to accelerate their understanding of Solo Build It and get their own hobby or business website up in 72 hrs or less. Click HERE for details of the week-day program or Click HERE for the weekend program.

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