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Online Business Opportunities Nigeria – Choose Right, Make Money

online business opportunities lagos nigeria africa

Online business opportunities abound in Nigeria.

Flip through the dailies and you will see countless ads by get-rich-quick
folks claiming they will teach you how you can make up to =N=500,000 per week with little or no capital and even if you don't know how to use a mouse.
Of course, you know they are either lying or over-exaggerating.

Unfortunately, many fall for these schemes and lose their hard-earned money. No thanks to these heartless fraudsters.

But wait.

Are the online business opportunities these fraudsters talk about real?

The answer is . . . YES and NO.

Yes, because some of the online opportunities they talk about and advertise passionately are real. 'NO' because the majority of people who place these ads have never made any money online. They are hoping you will fall for their cheap trick and buy their high-priced ebook.

Don't fall for that cheap trickery!

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The Real Online Business Opportunity

Now that you know there are many fraudsters posing as online gurus, let's talk about genuine online business opportunities you can benefit from . . . stuff that can make you money online.

The internet business opportunities available to everyone in Nigeria and folks abroad include:

1. Selling Ad space using ad serving agencies like Google Adsense or Yahoo! search marketing networks

2. Selling a product or service online

3. Online forex trading

4. Affiliate marketing

Options 3 and 4 sound good.

But if you don't know how to go about it, all your efforts . . . and money . . . will be wasted. I have successfully used options 1 & 2 to make money from this web site.

Now, here's something to remember - something that many so-called internet marketing gurus in Nigeria and on the net won't bother to tell you.

You won't make a dime online if you don't have traffic or web site visitors.

No matter how beautiful or state-of-the-art looking your web site is, if people can't find it on the world wide web, you won't have customers to market to and potential customers to persuade to buy.

In effect, it starts with learning how to build a web site that people can find when they do a search on the internet.

  • They search Google or Yahoo
  • They find your site
  • They call you on phone or send you a mail to make inquiries
  • They come to your office or click the order button on your web site for online purchases
  • They buy from you
  • Bottom line.
  • People buy from you only after they find you and the online business opportunities you promote online.
  • You won't make any money online, irrespective of the opportunity you're marketing, unless you have a web site that is popular.
  • So, how do you build a web site that people find . . . a web site that attracts visitors and makes you money?
  • My Personal Experience

    I was in your shoes some years back, searching for online business opportunities. I read several books on how to create a web site that makes money but it all led to a dead end. Dead end because I ended up with a web site that was obscure and had no visitors.

    No visitors = No money

    In my search for a better way, I found Site Build It! (SBI!)

    What is Site Build It!?

    Site Build It! or SBI! is a web-based platform with integrated software tools for site brainstorming, site hosting, and site marketing.

    SBI! helps both ordinary people without tech skills and web professionals to build powerful and profitable web sites . . . web sites that people find through the search engines, web sites that make money.

    This web site, www.lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com, was built using SBI!

    The effect?

    This web site gets over 300 unique visitors per day. That is a whooping 9000 unique visitors per month. And the site is still young and growing.

    So, how do I make money?

    Two ways:

    1. By selling ad space on this web site using Google Adsense's pay per click advertising network. All I did was sign-up as an affiliate then post the adsense code on my web site. Then . . . Boom! The dollars start rolling in. (visit my private page for strategies; See details below)

    2. I sell and let properties to clients who contact me through this web site. Some call to book an appointment, others send a mail. Either way, we meet and they buy or let property from me. How did they find me?

    You guessed right . . .through this web site.

    The Site Build It Advantage

    What is the role of Site Build It! in all of this?

    It provides the traffic generating process and the tools to execute that process.

    The net result?

    A popular and profitable web site.

    Bottom line.

    If you want to make money online, don't go beating about the bush looking for state of the net online business opportunities. Do first things first. Just follow SBI!'s proven system for generating ever growing traffic . . . a steady stream of visitors to your site day in day out, month in month out. Then turn the visitors into cash.

    What does SBI! cost?

    Just $299 per year.

    This covers domain name, web hosting, brainstorming tools, marketing tools, and all the education required to turn all of this into income-generating web site without employing the services of a professional web designer.

    You do it yourself using SBI!'s simple 'point and click' site-building tools. It's that simple!

    Click HERE to learn how you can build your own profitable web site with SBI!

    P.S: Solo Build It! has helped thousands of people achieve their dream. It can help you too. Take the leap! Succeed!

    Solo Build It! Site Building Process

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