How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secrets of The Rich Exposed!

Can you really build a one billion Naira business with small capital? Can a small business grow from being small to become a national and multinational business? More importantly, can you become the founder and CEO of this one billion Naira per annum business?

The answer to the above questions is . . . yes.

Yes, you can start a small business with small capital and eventually grow the business into a one billion Naira business.


Simple. Just do the same things that multinational companies do really well. When you follow in the footsteps of these multinational companies who generate billions of Naira per annum in operating profit, you will have no choice but to grow your business to astronomical levels like them.

Wait. How do you know the secret formula of multinational companies like Nigerian Breweries Plc, Guinness Nigeria Plc, Nigerian Bottling company Plc and several others like them when you're not privy to their company information?

It's pretty simple.

"I Have Been There! I Will Show You The Secret!"

I spent 12 years of my life working for a multinational companies in Nigeria. I ate and drank with the very rich of the society. I know what they do to declare the billions of Naira they generate as profit every year. Now I have packaged all the secrets of the rich in one powerful life-transforming book.

The secrets the rich use to generate ever-growing profit year on year is contained in the book, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secret of The Rich Revealed!"

This book is straight from the gut, down-to-earth and practical. It shows in practical terms how to build a business from a small business to a one billion Naira per annum business . . . or more.

The rich know how to make money and grow their profitability even in the midst of the worst economic meltdown.

Do you know that the rich are still amassing even more wealth despite the economic meltdown?

How do they do it?

All of the answers are available in the book, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secret of The Rich Revealed!"


Why worry about what the rich and multinationals do? Why don't you just do your own thing your own way?

It's because . . .

"Business Is Tough. 70 Percent of Small Businesses Fail Within Three To Five Years of Launch"

There is so much excitement when people launch a new business.

They call friends and family to celebrate with them. They paint their street red and blue. The joy is so thick you could slice it with a knife.

Unfortunately, several months down the road, all of the excitement wanes as they begin to face the realities of business.

Here is the startling statistics: "Over 70 percent of small businesses fail within 3-5 yrs of their launch".

The owners start with so much determination. They push ahead head-on, tackling problems with passion. Yet, they still fail.

On the other hand, multinationals grow their profits year on year oblivious to the tough economic climate even exceeding profit growth targets.

What's the difference?

Simple answer . . . they do some really simple and common-sense things pretty well.

Bottom line.

If you follow the same simple, no nonsense strategy these multinationals do, you will achieve the same level of success they have.

Guess what.

This book lets you in on all of these secrets and shows you in practical terms how you can think and act like the rich and become as profitable as they are.

Failure Is Expensive!

Let me be upfront with you . . . failure is expensive and heartbreaking, especially when you sink all your life earnings and retirement benefits into a business and then the business

Don't let that happen to you!

Up until now you have been fed with business theories by University trained, inexperienced, newbie self-acclaimed consultants who have not had any practical experience with running a real business.

No wonder you couldn't successfully apply the cyclical business theories they taught you!

You tried and tried and tried, yet you were still at the same spot . . . running hard and fast but going nowhere with your business.

Now your business life is about to take a u-turn for good. You are about to experience the liberating and exhilarating power of success.


It's because . . .

The Secrets To The Unlimited Wealth of The Rich Is Exposed!

Yes, the secrets to the ever-growing, ever-expanding financial empire of the rich has been exposed!


The secrets of the rich is exposed in the book, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business "With Small Capital - The Secret of The Rich Revealed!"

This book is jam-packed with fifteen (15) solid chapters that x-rays the business practices of the rich and multinational companies and then shows you how you can deploy the same cost and profit optimization techniques used by these companies to massively grow the profitability of your own business.

The book shows you how to . . .

  • Source for capital for your business
  • Select a winning business concept
  • Find customers for the products or services you offer and
  • Grow your business concept into a multinational business

This book will get you thinking differently and put you on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur, the CEO of a billion Naira company.

Ready to be successful like the rich? Want to be CEO of a one billion Naira per annum business?

Then order your copy of this special ebook, "How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secrets of The Rich Exposed!"

This special power-packed life-changing book cost just $97 (or 35,890 Naira).

Want to change your life for good? Want break the yoke of poor income and become financially successful?

Order NOW!

How do you order?

Simply pay the price of the book into our bank account and we will send you a downloadable copy of the book.

Book price: $97 only (or 45,590 Naira)

Call 07086459367 or 08033290430 to request our bank account info and pay for the book. Send a text message if the lines are busy.

P.S: The book is available for immediate download after your payment is confirmed.

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