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Have you ever been invited to buy an off plan property?

If yes, did you take advantage of the opportunity?

The truth is this . . . more than 50% of people invited to invest in off plan real estate in Lagos Nigeria do not take up the offer because they are afraid they may not get what tthey pay for.

I will address that concern in a moment.

But first, what are the benefits of investing in off plan properties?

Benefits of Investing In Off Plan Property

An off plan property (or off plan real estate) is a property that is planned for construction (or at the early stages of construction).

Off plan houses in Lagos are usually inside a formal gated estate owned by a real estate development company.

So, what is the benefit of buying off plan real estate?

There are two key benefits of buying an off plan house:

1. Off plan houses usually sell at about 15 to 30 percent below market value of properties in the same area and

2. Estates with off plan property allow investors to pay in instalments

Remember . . . property sellers in Lagos require buyers to pay in full for the houses for sale.

This means that if you want to buy a property that is priced at 60 million Naira in Lagos, you must cough out the entire money at once.

That is not an easy thing for a lot of people.

Want flexible payment option?

Buy off plan houses.

The good news is that we have off plan property for sale within new estates in Ajah and Ibeju Lekki Lagos.

Houses available with this off plan offer are:

1) 1 bedroom apartments

2) 2 bedroom apartments

3) 3 bedroom apartments

4) 2 bedroom terrace

5) 3 bedroom terrace

6) 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex

7) 5 bedroom semi detached duplex

Will You Get What You Pay For?

As mentioned above, many people are afraid to invest in off plan property in Lagos Nigeria because they fear they may to get the property they pay for.

However, investing in off plan real estate developments have huge benefits.

What can you do to take advantage of these benefits and get exactly what you paid for?

Simple. Invest only in off plan developments in formal gated estates owned by reliable real estate development companies.

Good news . . . we only offer off plan properties within secure, gated estates owned by trustworthy real estate development companies in Lagos Nigeria.

Therefore, when you take advantage of this off plan real estate offer, you will be buying from a gated estate already on ground and owned by a reliable real estate development company.

Below are the prices of our off plan houses in Lagos Nigeria.

Off Plan Real Estate - The Prices

Below are the prices and payment plan for three estates where we have off plan houses for sale.

1 Bedroom Apartment Prices And Payment Plan:

2 Bedroom Apartment Prices And Payment Plan:

3 Bedroom Apartment Prices And Payment Plan:

2 Bedroom Terrace And Payment Plan:

3 Bedroom Terrace And Payment Plan:

4 Bedroom Terrace And Payment Plan:

3 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex And Payment Plan:

4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex And Payment Plan:

5 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex And Payment Plan:

P.S: Total number of apartments within the 3 estates is 500 units. And total number of houses in the 3 estates is 200 units. And they are selling fast! I recommend you collect the application form, fill it out and make the initial deposit to lock down your apartment or house.

Fill the form below to request the application form for our off plan properties.

Off Plan Property Booking

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

P.S: Experiencing difficulty submitting the above form? Call Samson Itoje on 07086459367 or 08033290430

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