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Ocean view Lagos Nigeria - Ocean view homes are common in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and lekki areas of Lagos Nigeria. The good news is that these homes are lovely to behold and inspiring to live in. The downside is that most are very expensive and beyond the reach of the average employee.

If you're someone who loves the ocean and who loves to feel the gentle nudge of the ocean breeze on a regular basis, then consider renting accommodation in residential real estate that presents you with a daily view of the ocean . . . true ocean view homes.

The soft breeze from the ocean can be refreshing and tempting. You understand what I mean if you're a lover of the ocean.

So, if you can afford any of the luxury real estate in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, or Lekki, then go for it.

Suppose you cannot afford the high-priced luxury real estate or ocean view property in any of the locations mentioned above, what should you do?

The other alternative open to you is to create your own world . . . your own home facing the ocean.

There is something you need to realize . . . Lagos Nigeria is a land mass surrounded by series of water stretches and beaches. For example, Victoria Island has about the most popular of the beaches. That is, Bar Beach.

Lekki is famous for hosting the popular . . . Lekki Beach. Badagry is famous for keeping fun lovers happy with its popular Badagry Beach.

When you drive down Lekki Epe expressway, you will find large stretch of land begging to be acquired and developed into residential facilities. As they are today, they come dead cheap. In a decade or two, they will become dead expensive, especially with the expansion program of the Lekki Epe expressway by the Lagos state government and the proposed fourth mainland bridge.

If you drive off the main Lekki Epe expressway road at some point and further down, you will come face to face with the sea . . . the ocean in its full glory.

This is the place to pitch your tenth. You will relate with the ocean one-on-one. You will speak to the ocean.

If you are an inventor, a playwright, a journalist, a columnist, a song writer, an internet content provider, a scientist, a financial strategist or anyone with a knack for making things happen when left undisturbed in a private setting facing the ocean, then this is the home just right for you.

However, you must understand that you are open to a peculiar kind of risk when you go in search of ocean view in an upcoming undeveloped area.

1. You will have few neighbours

2. The nearest hospital may be miles away

3. The nearest police station or police post may be miles away and

4. You are exposed to the insecurity of the 'jungle'

Is it worth it?

Yes, depending on who you are and what your interest and passion is.

How do you mitigate your risks if you decide to go that far in pursuit of ocean view homes?

Simply . . . buy your own security.

The options available to you are:

1. Use the services of ex service men or retired military or police officers or

2. Employ the services of local militia like the OPC - The OPC is a group of local militia in Lagos armed to the teeth with guns and local charm (spiritualist powers from local medicine men supposed meant to shield them from enemy bullets). The OPC currently provide security services in many local communities and estates. And rumour has it that they are very effective in warding off criminals.

The ocean is a masterpiece from the creator that humans are yet to fully fathom.

If you love this ingenious creation and want to live close by it but can't afford the expensive locations, then go for the cheaper alternative.

However, be sure to pay for 'intelligent security'.

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