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Nokia Smartphones Nigeria - The Nokia E Series

by samson

Lagos Nigeria - Nokia Smartphones - The Nokia E Series - Nokia For Business Portfolio.

Nokia smartphones particularly the E series is gradually gaining wide acceptance in Nigeria
as many Nigerians begin to appreciate the power of smartphones especially what it can
do for their business.

Smartphones like the Nokia E series and Nokia 9500 communicator enable Nigeria businessmen
carry their office with them wherever they go.

Let's break this down.

With smartphones like Nokia E series and Nokia 9500 communicator, you can . . .

>> Carry your email with you wherever you go

>> Browse the net

>> have access to unlimited downloads

>> Do your regular phone calls

>> Send MMS

>> View PDF files

>> Use microsoft office packages like Word, Excel and powerpoint

. . . and more.

The advantage?

Simply put . . . you accomplish more. You explode your productivity.

Suddenly, waiting time can become valuable time spent growing your business and relationships.

Waiting for a date to arrive for dinner at a restaurant? Spend that time sending that all-important,
bank breaking, account uplifting email.

This is it! Go smartphones!

The Nokia E series available in Nigeria are

>> Nokia E66

>> Nokia E71 and

>> Nokia E90

Visit any of the underlisted stores in Lagos Nigeria for product details and to experience
the Nokia Eseries range.

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