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Nigerian stock exchange Lagos Nigeria - Nigeria stock exchange is among the most active stock market in the world. Millions of dollars are made daily from the stock market. And there are millions more waiting to be made. Where are you in all of this? Grab your share!

Honestly . . . the Nigeria stock market has confounded many market watchers in Nigeria and the world. Most people do not understand how someone who is near broke today can become a millionaire in just a few months. How does this happen? Is the Nigerian stock market a magical haven?

It's great to ask those questions about the Nigerian stock exchange because it demonstrates that you really want to know.

First, let me assure that there is nothing magical about the Nigerian stock exchange. It's a buying and selling market like any other market. And yes, you can make over a hundred percent return on investment in six months to one year if you pitch your tenth with the right stock and the right company.

I have seen live examples, real people, in Nigeria who have made over a hundred percent return on their stock market investment within eight months.

Over a hundred percent! Incredible!

Yes, it is incredible. In fact, it is almost unbelievable. But it is true.

There are very very few stock exchanges in the world where this can happen. But it's happening in Nigeria! This is the real deal!

A word of caution.

Yes, a good number of people have made return on investment of hundred percent and even above in some instances in the Nigeria stock market. But that is not the norm.

Unfortunately, when many Nigerians heard that some of their country men have made a killing from the stock market, they jumped into the market in droves. Some even went to their banks to take huge loans to fund huge investment in stocks. They invested and sat back to reap the expected mind-blowing return on their investment.

Sadly, many folks ran into a huge loss instead. What accounted for this?

There are a number of reasons.

  • Some invested in a hurry in the wrong stocks
  • Some were ill-advised by laymen-turned-experts because they blindly bought stocks that happily gave them good return over the short time they invested
  • Some were ill-advised by over-enthusiastic stock brokers who were over-excited by the sudden boom of the Nigerian stock market and
  • Some invested without consultation with experienced stock market analysts due to over-optimism and the euphoria of seeing their friends make big money with little work done

    The end result?

    Flood of tears as Nigerians and other foreigners who invested in the stock exchange saw their stock crash almost irreversibly.

    Bottom line.

    Many folks ended up in debt because of over-optimism about the potentials of the Nigerian stock market to deliver instant riches. Unfortunately, the huge losses incurred by many, especially short-term investors, has once again slowed down activities in the Nigeria stock market.

    But as always, the market will bounce back again when people finish licking their wounds.

    The lesson?

    Don't invest blindly. Talk to experienced investors and experienced Nigerian stock exchange brokers before deciding where to invest. If you invest right, you will reap long-term benefits.

    On the bright side . . .

    Many Nigerians have abandoned the Nigerian stock exchange because of the current uncertainties.

    Guess what . . . they have all shifted to investing in Nigeria real estate enmass once again. This is good news for Nigeria real estate agents. Right now, business is good because Nigerians are justling to acquire more properties as their cash flow improve. With each sale comes more commission for the Nigeria real estate agent.

    Another lesson.

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your investment. Broaden the scope of your investment portfolio. When you do, you spread your risk.

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