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Nigerian Music portal Lagos Nigeria - Nigeria music is in a class by itself. Though Nigerian music has many of the features of foreign music and can be classified into the same set of categories, the music here in Nigeria is still distinct.

For example, we have R&B, Soul, Reggae, Pop, dance hall, Rap etc just like is available everywhere in the world. In addition to that, we also have local brands like . . .

1. Juju music - Examples include music by Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey

2. Fuji music - Examples include music by Obesere and Ayinde Barrister Wasiu

3. Afro juju - Examples include Sir Shina Peters

4. Afrobeat - A good example is the king of Afrobeat himself, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Others that have taken after him include Sir Shina Peters, Dede Mabiaku, and the son of Fela himself, Femi Anikulapo Kuti.

Nigerian music has taken a bend in the last decade. Music that sell the most now include a blend of English and the local language, the most popular being the Yoruba language.

Artistes that have had great success with singing in the native language and blending with English include . . .

  • Tu Face
  • Faze
  • Sir Shina Peters
  • Dare Art Alade
  • Keffi
  • Sasha
  • D'Bang
  • Wande Cole
  • Lagbaja
  • Asha

    . . . and countless others.

    Music in Nigeria has become so successful that many young Nigerians are falling over themselves to get into music. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those who jump into music actually make a success of it and become superstars.

    Happily, there is silver lining in the sky for Nigerian music and those interested in taking a career in music in Nigeria.

    It is gradually becoming a norm for corporate bodies to promote their products using music as a platform. Reality TV shows are springing up to identify and sponsor record deals for the next music superstars.

    The foremost amongst these are . . .

  • Star Quest - the reality TV show sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc to identify and sponsor the best Nigerian band
  • MTN project FAME sponsored by MTN Nigeria and
  • The Centage Superstars promo - This is sponsored by Centage Savings and Loans Limited

    The Centage superstars promo was launched June 2009 with the star prize being a Prado Jeep and ten million Naira recording deal with Kennis music.

    That is a big way to start a career in music!

    Lest I forget.

    Kennis music is one recording company that has done a lot of good for Nigerian music. Tu Face, the singer of the hit song "African Queen", was launched on the platform of Kennis music. And that was just the beginning.

    Many other young Nigerians have sprung from the Kennis music label making it about the most popular music label in Nigeria as at the time of this writing.

    Kennis music was established by two good friends, Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo nicknamed 'D-one'. The business has grown to the point where they now have a cable music channel, Kennis Music Channel, on Daarsat . . . the pet project of African Independent Television (AIT) Nigeria.

    Music have become so big in Nigeria that many Nollywood stars, who have become household names because of their role in Nigerian movies, are turning to music to demonstrate that they too have talent . . . they too can do it.

    Obviously, Nigeria music have come of age. The key players are making their money despite the plague of piracy.

    My advice?

    Enjoy the music. Relax. Be entertained. Enjoy life.

    If you're a music star, be humble. Don't let fame and fortune turn you against yourself and your family. Don't lose your head like many music stars have.

    Stay sane and enjoy life righteously.

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