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Nigerian men in Lagos Nigeria are tough minded. They are resilient, hardworking, and demanding. But they also know how to treat a lady the way she loves to be treated.

Nigerian men know how to be loving, considerate, and romantic. As a woman, you can catch them quite easily if you do the right stuff at the right time. And believe me, once you get a Nigerian guy under your 'spell', you can get him to do anything for you. And when I say anything . . . I mean anything.

However, the tough part is to know how to get the Nigerian man to fall in love with you. Well, you can achieve this quite easily. It's actually a no-brain. It starts with understanding the psyche of the Nigerian menfolk.

Let me give you a brief overview.

The typical Nigerian guy likes a girl that has poise and is self-driven. Nigerians are hardworking people by nature. And men generally believe that a woman should be well groomed from home and well trained to handle wifely and motherly duties.

These duties include . . .

  • the art of cooking delicious meals
  • the art of making a man feel welcomed
  • the art of being soothing and refreshing
  • the ability to take care of kids
  • the ability to keep a home clean and tidy and
  • the level of respect she has for her man
  • In Nigeria, a man is believed to be the head of the family and the woman must accord him respect accordingly. A woman without respect will not pass the ultimate test of the man's family. Even if a Nigerian man falls in love with a woman, if the parents notices that she is the head-strong type they can mess up the marriage plans . . . they will do everything to make sure their son does not marry you.

    Thinking of marrying Nigerian guy?

    Then understand the concept of respect from the perspective of Nigerian men. No respect, no deal.

    Yeah, this is the age of women liberation. And of course, your Nigerian guy will give you liberation. But he expects courtesy an respect from you. He also expects you to contribute to the family finances especially in this modern era when it cost a fortune to maintain a home.

    In the light of current financial challenges, many Lagos men are looking for female companions and potential marriage mates who have a job of some sort. Yes, they want you to share part of the burden of running the home.

    Let's summary this.

    Lagos men and, indeed, most men in modern Nigeria, seek . . .

  • women that are attractive
  • women that are bold and daring
  • women who are educated
  • women who have a job and can contribute to the family financially
  • women with class and style
  • women who are respectful
  • women who are homely not the clubby type and
  • women who are down-to-earth

    If you meet that criteria, position yourself where Nigerian men can find you and in no time you will get your wildest dreams fulfilled.

    Some have said that Lagos men are the most romantic in the world. Well, they may be right. You will need to find that out yourself if you're a woman.

    Are you a woman seeking Nigerian single men? Or are you a Nigerian male seeking a woman?

    Click HERE to make your dreams come true.

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