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Nigerian interviews feature interviews of Nigeria people from all works of life. These Nigerians have had tremendous impact on the Nigerian economy, Nigeria people, Nigeria politics, and every facet of our life.

What is the purpose of these Nigerian interviews portal?

The goal is pretty Simple. And it is three-fold.

1. To showcase the best of Nigeria

2. To promote Nigeria people, Nigeria culture, and everything about Nigeria and

3. To help the world understand Nigeria and

4. To help Nigerians connect with fellow Nigerians who have made it to the top and learn from their good example

Let's face it.

Much of what the world knows about Nigeria are the negative stuff.

For example, Nigeria has become popular in recent years because of what is called the Nigerian scam otherwise known as 419 (or the 419 coalition).

Search for information about Nigeria on the internet and what you will see is a barrage of web sites identifying Nigeria as the country of fraudsters. One online forum even mentioned that it appears as if Nigerians have a school where they are taught the art of fraud.

What nonsense!

Add to that the rating of Nigeria as the Number 1 corrupt country in the world, and you will see why many Nigerians are thoroughly searched at airports around the world.

Recently, Nigeria moved from being the Number 1 to the number 3 corrupt country in the world. Thank God. That is some progress. But hey, we can do better than that.

Nigeria is a great nation. We are a great people. Everything about us is not corruption and 419 scam. We have success stores ere in Nigeria. We have people who have contributed a lot to the well-being of humanity.

The goal of the Nigerian interviews portal is to showcase these Nigerians and thereby help millions of Nigerians realize that there is glory in honesty, hard work, and a life governed by moral values.

So, have you been successful at something? Have you been successful at anything, no matter how small?

Let's show it to the world.

Wait. How does this interview thing work?

It's dead simple.

Simply fill the form below with details of all the stuff you have accomplished. All of the iformation you post here will appear on a dedicated page on this web site.

Yes, you get your own online presence here. Your own web page available online 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world.

In your dedicated page, people can ask questions and post comments. You are at liberty to provide answers at your discretion.

This is a great opportunity to re-brand Nigeria. And it's not about some cosmetic government-led re-branding. It's about help millions of Nigerians understand what success truly means and helping re-shape the image of our country to the benefit of all our countrymen.

If you have ever dreamed of helping your fellow countrymen, this is that lifetime opportunity to do so.

Simply fill the form below.

Nigerian Interviews
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