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Nigeria Advertising Service - The Compelling Advertising Proposition of lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com

Low Cost Ads. Thousands of Page Views Per Month. Reach Your Target Audience. Sell More!

Nigeria advertising service Lagos Nigeria - This Lagos Nigeria real estate website offers low cost online advertising service for Nigerian businesses and overseas businesses targeting the Nigerian market of over 150 million people.

The first obvious questions is . . . Why should you use this online Nigeria advertising service? Why should you advertise your products and services on this site?

The simple answer is . . . you should because there are compelling reasons to do so.

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Sound Reasons To Advertise On lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com

There are sound reasons to advertise online using the Nigeria advertising service offered by lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com, irrespective of the nature of your business.

The reasons include:

1. International Clientele: This web site is an international Nigerian site. This web site has visitors from over 50 countries of the world. So when you advertise your business on this site, you get global exposure for your business

2. High traffic site: This Lagos Nigeria real estate site is a high traffic site. That means it has a huge number of visitors day in day out. In fact, as at the time of this writing, this site gets about 500 unique visitors per day. That is about 15,000 unique visitors per month.

Consequently, you're likely to get high exposure to potential customers when you advertise on this site.

3. Repeat Exposure And High Conversion: When you advertise on this site, your product and service ads remain on this site for months (and even years if you want them to). That means new visitors as well as repeat visitors will repeatedly see your ads and this may ultimately translate into more products or services sale.

Advertising On lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com Versus Advertising On Newspapers And Magazines

Advertising on newspapers is what I call "a flash in the pan". A good example that drives the point home is what happened recently to my friend.

He placed a 54,000 Naira ad in a popular Nigerian newspaper announcing a new product he recently launched. And he posted the ad on the day of the week when a lot of job ads appeared in the newspaper and so people often patronized the newspaper in droves on that particular day of the week.

Guess what.

He got only one call from the advert in the popular newspaper and the caller didn't purchase any of his products. And since the ad appeared in the newspaper on that particular day alone, the 54,000 Naira he spent on the ad practically went to drain.

This is one area where advertising online using the online Nigeria advertising service this site provides beat offline advertising in newspapers and other offline media.

Offline ads in newspapers and magazines are a flash in the pan because they are here today and gone tomorrow. On the other hand, when you advertise on this site, your ads remain on this global Nigeria real estate web site 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Think of what that can do for your business!

Full Page Ads

This Nigeria advertising service offers full page ads to advertisers.

With full page ads, advertisers have the liberty to showcase their products and services to potential clients with more words, pictures, and even videos.

As you are aware, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So, when you include pictures with the written words in your product or service sales copy, you increase your chances of closing the sale.

The following rules apply when posting full page ads:

1. Your advert must be a minimum of 400 words

2. Your advert must not be a duplicate of a page on your website (or any other website). The content must be original.

3. Your advert must not be fraudulent

4. Your advert MUST not include adult content

Advert Pricing

What is the price for full page advert on the site?

Just =N=9,900 per year.

Ready to advertise your products and services using this premium Nigeria advertising service?

Click HERE to Contact Us and request our bank account details so you can pay for your ads.

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