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Newspapers in Nigeria. There are countless Nigeria newspapers begging for the reader's attention. Vendors practically shove them in your face as you drive on the streets of Lagos Nigeria and everywhere else in the major cities of Nigeria. Vendors are passionate about selling . . . and business-like too.

The newspapers in Nigeria include . . .

  • Nigeria Guardian
  • The Punch
  • Nigeria Vanguard
  • This Day newspapers
  • The Sun
  • The Compass
  • Business Day
  • Financial times

    . . . and several others.

  • Besides the major newspapers, we have evening newspapers like P.M. News. There are also other news journals dedicated to specific news niche like . . .

  • Success Digest - small business investment magazine
  • Castles - Real estate magazine

    . . . and a good number of other individually sponsored magazines.

    Nigeria newspapers and, by extension Nigeria journalists, do a good job of reporting the news. Some journalists are daring. They dare to challenge government policies that are anti-people, anti-social, and anti-progress.

    In situations where the military was in power and dictatorship reigned, many Nigeria journalist and newspapers in Nigeria rose to the challenge. Well written columns with well articulated ideas spoke up in support of good governance, equity and fairplay, respect for freedom of choice and freedom of association.

    Granted, not all Nigeria newspapers and journalists have reported the news fairly and accurately. Some obviously have been swayed to serve the interests of big wigs in power because of promise of financial gain.

    That is to be expected. Virtually every institution has its share of bad elements. Remember, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus of Nazareth. Brutus betrayed Julius Caesar. And history is replete with thousands of people, men and women, who betrayed the trust reposed on them because of the desire for personal gain.

    Nigeria journalists are no different. They are just as human as the betrayers before them.

    All in all, Nigeria journalists can hold their own anywhere in the world. They are outspoken and forthright. And thanks to them, we get to hear the news as it breaks.

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