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Free Network marketing forum Nigeria - Welcome to the free Nigeria MLM forum with solid multi level marketing tips for new and experienced network marketers.

The purpose of this networking marketing forum is to help more and more networking marketers succeed with their network marketing business.


You will notice that this free mlm forum is for Nigeria network marketers.

However, the network marketing information discussed here can be applied by any mlm marketer living anywhere in the world and to any network marketing business or company.

The bottom line for any business is success. And that is the focus of this network marketing forum.

Therefore, I recommend that you take network marketing information in this Nigeria mlm forum seriously. It could make the difference between success and failure.

MLM Home Business Opportunity - The
Good Life!

If you are new to the world of MLM, you may wonder, "what is the big deal about having an MLM business? Why should I bother joining an mlm business opportunity?"

If you have joined a network marketing business opportunity sometime in the past and failed, you may be opposed to discussing the subject further.

You may say, "No, not again. I am done with MLM business!"

Let's take the issues one after the other. Let's start with the fellow who is new to network marketing business.

So, what's the big deal about starting a multi level marketing business? What are the benefits?

In simple words . . . an mlm home business opportunity is an opportunity to launch your own business without incurring the overhead and running cost associated with starting a new business.

For example, if you decide to start a regular business of your own, you will need to . . .

1. Search for an office space or shop to rent

2. Pay the rent

3. Renovate the office or shop (e.g. painting cost)

4. Buy furniture and furnishings

5. Hire a shop attendant (e.g. a sales boy or girl)

6. Buy goods you wish to sell (that is, your inventory) or buy the equipment you need to offer your services (e.g. laundry machine for a laundry business) or buy production machines (e.g. a water treatment and bottling plant or sachet water manufacturing machines)

. . . and spend money on all the other necessary stuff required to setup your business.

On the other hand, when you join a network marketing business opportunity, you save yourself all of the overhead and business startup expenses mentioned above.

The networking marketing company . . .

  • manufactures the products
  • handles quality control tasks for the products
  • warehouse the products
  • ship the products and
  • covers employee and logistics costs

    You simply distribute the products to your target market and receive your mlm distributor commission and bonuses.

    As you read the articles in this Nigeria network marketing forum, you will discover that there is also a second advantage associated with starting a multi level marketing business instead of a regular business of your own.

    This advantage is this . . . your mlm business profits grow exponential because you earn from your own sales volume and from the sales volume of people you refer to the mlm company.

    For example, sometime back my friend was earning about 250,000 Naira per month from his MLM business. And then suddenly he was given a cheque of 4 million Naira as bonus on his team commission.

    WOW! 4 million Naira bonus!

    That is the power of the team concept of network marketing business.

    The goal of this network marketing forum is to help you maximize your income from whatever mlm business you join. This mlm forum will equip you to succeed with network marketing in Nigeria and anywhere else you live in the world.

    This network marketing forum (a.k.a mlm forum) provides all you need to succeed with your very own MLM business.

    In this network marketing forum (a.k.a mlm forum), you will learn . . .

    1. How to choose the right network marketing business opportunity

    2. How to get prequalified mlm lead using the internet so you don't have to cold-call or harass your friends and family members to join your network marketing business. Using this method, potential team members will chase you instead of you chasing them.

    3. How to structure your online mlm business to continuously funnel leads to your network marketing business

    4. How to turbo charge your lead generation efforts to bring even traffic or potentials team members to your business

    5. How to speak with prequalified leads so they have an open-minded attitude to your business and start chasing you to pay for your products

    6. The fool-proof way to introduce your mlm business to prequaliified leads so they scramble desperately to join your team

    . . . and much more.

    You will succeed with your chosen network marketing business opportunity if you put forth the work required to make it succeed.

    But this mlm forum is not just about putting forth the effort or the time commitment.

    It's about working smart and using modern network marketing tools that guarantees success.

    Want to succeed with your very own network marketing business?

    Want network marketing success?

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