Naija - Nigeria Africa - The Black Race - Rousing A Sleeping Giant

Naija is the nick name for Nigeria - the largest black population in the world, the heartbeat of the black race. Nigeria is fondly called the giant of Africa by Nigerians.

However, many political commentators as well as many ordinary Nigerians think their beloved country is more of a sleeping giant than a roaring lion. They say that, not because they despise their own country, but because they are dismayed that after 48 yrs of independence from colonial masters, Nigeria is yet to be counted among the world's most industrialized nations.

For years Naija was the cradle of hope for many African countries. For example, when Ghana had serious economic issues in the 1970's through to the 1980's, many Ghanaians migrated to Nigeria in search of a better life.

Thousands of these Nigerians indeed found a better life in Nigeria.

In the 1970's the Nigeria Naira was stronger than the British pound and the American dollar. So, it made more economic sense to migrate to Nigeria than to relocate to the US or Britain. And neighbouring African countries took advantage of this and trooped to Nigeria in huge numbers.

Nigeria had recently discovered crude oil and crude oil revenue hit the country like a heavy uncontrollable flood of water. The revenue from crude oil shocked us out of our senses. Nigerians got so carried away that they paid attention to nothing else . . . not even to technological advancement and industrial growth.

Today, some forty years later, Nigeria seemed to have moved several steps backward. The average Nigerian who could afford a good life and three square meals plus a little luxury is now unable to meet the needs of his family.

Relocating to Nigeria soon became less and less attractive. In fact, many Nigerians are relocating to Europe in search of the golden fleece. Sorry, that is an understatement. Nigerians are searching for ticket to Europe like crazy. The American embassy in Nigeria is teeming with Nigerians desperate to éscape to America'. The braindrain is crippling.

Many Africans who sought solace in Nigeria, the giant of the black race, have been forced to look elsewhere. For example, Ghanaians who sought refuge in Nigeria enmass back in the 70's and 80's, started relocating to their country as things got better and better there. And so did many other African nationals.

Guess what?

Many Nigerians are also now relocating to Ghana in search of jobs, relaxation, and a better life. What irony!

Naija, what has happened to you? Where is the giant in you?

Hey, everybody . . . relax, relax.

Nigeria is just a sleeping giant. Nigeria is not a dead giant yet.

Hope and pray. Pray HARD!

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