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My Benin Wife - Is this a sign of a prostitute?

by Bert Lundblad

Bert Lundblad - The blueyed swede?

Bert Lundblad - The blueyed swede?

She's new in the city, wanted to see a friend she said. she never got there.

She phoned me, her husband, said she was lost. I told her to take the nitebus from a certain place, a young woman gave her a ticket and showed her the way there.

She never came with the bus, the husband stood waiting. He got a call from a guy working at hotel the next day.

The husband went there to bring his wife home. She was pissed, wearing a wig, and said she d spent the nite with a friend. She didnt want to site by me on the way home. The woman is from Benin and shes Edo.

Am i an jealous if i suspected she had done a Job (a sexbuyer) there at the hotel?

Is this EDO style?

Reply By Samson Itoje, Real Estate Advisor

The Benin people of Edo state are not characteristically bad. They are not prostitutes by profession.

Of course, there are those among them that are of questionable character. But this is not peculiar to people from Benin or Edo state. There are prostitutes and people of questionable character everywhere in the world.

If your wife spent the night at a hotel and her character looks suspicious, it's not because she's Bini. It's who she is as a person not the country or city she's from.

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Dec 07, 2010
reply to a reply
by: Anonymous

i will reply the replier of my own issue
i never meant that because shes from Benin , she could be a prostitute. I meant that together with the rest of the signs it makes sense.
If she s not a prostitute, why should she take her ring off, why shouldnt she give me here phonenumber, why should she stay at a hotel, instead of going back home, why should she sleep with her phone out of reach for me? why should she go outside when there were calls in english (as i know english) but not when there were calls in igbo? why should someone call her 4 in the morning for a job? why were all the guys in her phonebook called John, but none were baptised as john. Why would they demy knowing her as i called them? one or 2 of these things would be no problem, but put them together, and then add that Edo women are especially frequent when it comes to prostitution, and especially those from Benin.
And her silence about her past and why she went to senegal from nigeria, with no permit.
the whole picture is frightening....but i still believe her when she says shes innocent....but im divided, as if i m 2 persons with totally different views here.
If this was about murder, and this were the proofs she ll be convicted.
Bert in Sweden

Jul 26, 2010
replying a reply
by: Bert in Sweden

thank you!
I didnt mean it was because shes from Benin, i just added the high number of prostitutes there to all the other signs.
She wore no weddingring, she spent more nites away, after going to church as she said. She never told me her phonenumber though we are married,and when i found it she didnt answer, she got phonecalls in the middle of the nite , and at other times, and always went out of earsight from me. And she slept with her phone beside her , and i believe it was because she wouldnt let me see her phonebook. Finally i got a glimpse, and beside some different names of women and men, there were 3 people named "John" and when i called them , they had an ocean of excuses "someone borrowed my phone" "I dont know any african woman" "I dont know what youre talking about!" And she has told me nothing about her past.
Is this a natural behaviour of a Benin woman?

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