Multinational Company Launching In Nigeria – Grab A Prelaunch Position. Make Money!

There is a multinational company launching in Nigeria sometime in 2014.

Why am I telling you this?


It's because I want you to benefit from this multinational company launching in Nigeria.

This period before the launch of the company is called the Prelaunch period.

This company prelaunch period gives you an opportunity to grab a stake in the company and position yourself to earn thousands of dollars per month when the company launches.

The Power of Prelaunch - Why You Should Get In Now!

The first question that will likely come to your mind is, "Why is it beautiful to join a multinational company during the prelaunch period?"

The truth is . . . there are several benefits.

multinational company launching in nigeria

First, when you join during prelaunch, you join free.

People who join during prelaunch pay absolutely nothing.

This means that when you join during prelaunch you can run promotions and generate interest in the company's products well before launch.

Guess what.

Since it's free to join, those you invite will be excited about joining.

Bottom line.

Prelaunch gives you an opportunity to build a massive team of potential customers and loyal fans well before the company launches. And this positions you to get a massive cheque month after month after the company launches.

That is the power of prelaunch!

Remember MTN?

Everyone in Nigeria now knows MTN by name.

But about a decade ago, few people in Nigeria knew anything about MTN, the South African telecommunications giant.

Guess what.

My friend heard about the MTN partner program long before MTN launched in Nigeria.

Another friend invited him to partner with three other colleagues to form a company that will apply for MTN distributor license.

The good thing was this . . . he had the cash required to join in his bank account.

The bad part was . . . he didn't believe the federal government of Nigeria was serious about issuing GSM license to potential gsm operators in Nigeria.

My friend felt that the supposed launch of MTN in Nigeria (and other telecommunications company like it) was a hoax.

Fast forward to today, about 10 years after.

Today, MTN is one of the biggest telecommunications company in Nigeria with billions of Naira in earnings annually.

MTN has been in Nigeria for the last 10 years. And people who bought into the MTN distributor program early are now multi-millionaires.

To this day, my friend still bites his finger for not taking the launch of MTN seriously. Now all of the money he could have made from MTN telecommunications company is going to someone else.

Grab A Prelaunch Position NOW!

As I speak to you now, there is a multinational company launching in Nigeria soon.

In fact, this multinational company is scheduled to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2014.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Will you take this message seriously and grab a stake in this company or will you pass it off as a joke or a scam?

Do you want to be like my friend and bite your finger in five years time because of missed opportunities and missed income?

My advice?

Don't be like my friend who missed the chance to rake millions of Naira from potential lucrative partnership with MTN.

Take action now!

Wait. Will this company really launch in Nigeria?

Of course, yes!

Here are the facts.

1. The company is a health and wellness company with head office in the United states of America

2. The company is 10 years old (NOT a new startup with high possibility of failure)

3. The company has already launched in Kenya, South Africa, And Ghana successfully. So the company has a solid African base . . . solid business experience in Africa.

4. The company's product has already been approved for sale in Nigeria by NAFDAC. Yes, the product already has NAFDAC number!

5. The company is already registered to do business in Nigeria by CAC. So, the company is now a legal entity in Nigeria.

Yes, this multinational company is launching in Nigeria this year. That is a fact!

So, how much will you like to earn per month?

$1000, $2000, $3000, $10,000 or more?

Whatever your dream income, you can achieve it with this American home business income opportunity.

In fact, when this company launched in Kenya, top distributors were earning as much as $1,000 per week within 90 days of commencement of operation in the country.


$1,000 per week equates to $4,000 per month. Or about =N=700,000 per month . . . and within 90 days of launch!

Would you like to earn that . . . and much more?

Want to be a multi-millionaire?

If your answer is yes, grab a prelaunch position right now in this multinational company launching in Nigeria.

P.S: This multinational company officially launched in Nigeria in May 2014. Fill the form below to signup and become an independent distributor for this multinational health and wellness company with head office in the USA and business operations in over 50 countries including Nigeria.

NOTE: You need =N=142,000 to start this business. Fill the form below only if you have the capital to start the business.

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