MTN Nigeria - The Biggest Telecommunications Company In Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is the biggest telecoms company in Nigeria. It was the first Nigeria GSM company to establish operations in Nigeria and it has grown rapidly with millions of subscribers joining its network.

Other major competitors in the mobile GSM industry are Globalcom Nigeria (popularly called Glo) and Zain Nigeria (formerly Vmobile and later Celtel). Recent entrants into the Nigeria telecommunications market are Visa phone and Etisalat.

The major players in the CDMA telecom market are Starcomms Nigeria, Multilinks Nigeria, Zoom Nigeria (formerly Reltel), and Intercellular Nigeria.

Some of the traditional CDMA networks have ventured into the GSM world hoping to grab a part of the large GSM market. Examples of networks that have done this are Starcomms, Multilinks, and Zoom CDMA companies.

Despite the toughening competition, MTN Nigeria still remains the biggest GSM network in Nigeria followed closely by Glo Nigeria (Globalcom).

The Nigeria market is a dream market for GSM operators because Nigerians know how to talk. Men and women who can hardly afford three square meals still spend a fortune on mobile phones and expensive GSM calls.

Many people the world over did not realize how big the Nigeria market was until MTN made its debut. Since then, potential investors have been scouting the market to investigate how they can break in big time.

What kept these investors away for so long?

Well, there has been so much worldwide publicity about Nigeria advance fee fraud. The news was so loud that it was deafening. But companies like MTN realized that Nigeria was a third world economy with over 150 million people. And so, the opportunities that exist here in Nigeria do not exist in advanced economies where competition is cut throat.

So they took the plunge.

Today, they have reason to celebrate.

To all those who are still doubting the profit potential of Nigeria, ask MTN and Globalcom.

There is money in Nigeria. There are opportunities waiting to be tapped.

Nigeria real estate is booming. There are opportunities in the energy sector. Opportunities abound everywhere.

Don't let hearsay stop you from grabbing your share of the national cake.

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