MLS Listing Lagos Nigeria - Real Estate Multiple
Listing Service

Sell Faster. Buy Faster. Rent Faster.

MLS listing Lagos Nigeria. This is the foremost private real estate multiple listing service.

This Multiple Listing Service (mls listing service) is provided to make your real estate search easier and faster.

No need to go from agent to agent, ransacking the whole of Lagos Nigeria, searching for property to rent or buy.

I know the pain and frustration of searching for an apartment. I was once a tenant in Lagos Nigeria too.

This is a big stress off your shoulders the buyer or tenant. Simply come here and do a search for your kind of apartment or property. And whao! You've found what you're searching for without leaving the comfort of your room.


That is the power and flexibility of mls listing Lagos Nigeria. It's no joke. This Lagos Nigeria multiple listing service, mls, saves you time, money, and frustration.

It also helps real estate agents and property owners who wish to sell or rent out their property.

All that is required is for them to list their property in our database by filling the MLS registration form. Click "submit" and your property is available to Nigerians and the global community.

Multiple Listing Service - Property Registration Steps

Do the following to register your properties with us.

1. Open a wordpad file and type all the properties you wish to advertise with us

2. Categorize your list. For example, if you are posting Lagos properties segregate the properties into mainland and island properties and into properties for sale and rent.

3. Post the different categories of properties in their respective section of this site. Click HERE to post in the appropriate directory.

4. Remember to include your phone number(s) so potential clients can contact you. Listings without phone numbers will not appear on our site.

Visit the property registration form right away to post your properties.

MLS Listing Cost

This mls listing Lagos Nigeria is a flat fee mls listing service. This means that you pay nothing to list your property on our web site.

  • Buyers and prospective tenants pay only the standard real estate agent commission when they buy or rent a property listed on this site
  • Real estate agents pay nothing when they list their property on this site
  • Property owners pay nothing when they list their property with us

  • Buyers Benefit, Estate Agents Benefit

    Real estate agents and property owners who list properties here get their properties exposed to a wider market. Hence, they get buyers faster.

    Buyers and prospective tenants who shop here benefit because they have a wide range of properties to choose from.

    They find what they want faster and save themselves the drudgery and frustration of searching endlessly at the offices of agents short on properties.

    It's mls listing Lagos Nigeria. It's a multiple listing service designed to save you money.

    So . . .

    Simplify your life. Shop here. Sell here, buy here.

    Register Properties

    P.S. Your entry must be at least 150 words to be accepted into the directory. Write from the heart.


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