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Metal building homes dealer Lagos Nigeria - We are a trustworthy metal home dealer based in Lagos Nigeria.

Our services include manufacture of all kinds of metal buildings for sale. We provide . . .

  • Portakabins for sale (popularly called portable cabins)
  • Shipping containers for sale
  • Residential metal building homes
  • Container kiosk for residential purposes and
  • Metal storage containers for sale

From the above, you will notice that there are two types of metal buildings that we sell . . . portable cabins (or portacabins) and containers.

What is the difference between both type of metal building homes?

For starters, portable cabins are a lot more executive than metal containers.

Containers are pure metal buildings while portable cabins are designed as portable homes and therefore provide a lot more comfort than containers.

The walls of portable cabins or portakabins are built from sandwich panels made of steel insulated with polyurethane core. And these sandwich panels can have the outer and inner walls made of steel or the outer wall made of steel and the inner wall made of MDF wood.

In either case mentioned above, the two materials of the wall are separated by the polyurethane insulator that minimizes heat transmission from the outer walls to the inner walls. Bottom line. The interior of a portable cabin or portakabin is cool and comfortable.

Consequently, portable cabins are often used as portable metal building homes by . . .

  • construction workers moving from one construction site to another
  • oil industry workers in a rig
  • telecom mast shelters by telecom companies
  • mobile offices for expert staff
  • Mobile clinics

. . . and anywhere mobile homes are required.

Sandwich panels are also used for applications where heat loss is to be prevented or where specific temperatures are to maintained due to the insulation properties of sandwich panels.

Examples of these applications include:

  • cold rooms
  • mobile refrigerated trucks
  • compressor enclosure
  • atm kiosk

. . . and other similar applications.

Metal Buildings For Sale - Metal Storage Containers And Shipping Containers

On the other hand, shipping containers for sale and other metal buildings for sale are made purely of steel plates without insulation.

These metal containers are used as . . .

  • shipping containers
  • storage containers and
  • commercial kiosk (for petty traders)

Some people have chosen to use containers as metal building homes instead of buying portable cabins.


The primary reason for this is the potential cost savings associated with this decision.

In this particular case, the containers being used as metal homes (or metal building homes) are insulated with a layer of foam set in place by a layer of plywood. This gives an aesthetically appealing look and feel as well as reduce the heat transfer from the environment into the metal home.

Let's make this clear.

This option of metal building insulation to enable containers serve as metal building homes is not comparable to the level of insulation a portacabin will provide. But it's a viable option for folks thinking of reducing the cost of their metal building homes or the metal buildings for sale they wish to buy.

Metal Building Costs

What do these metal buildings cost?

Well, portable cabins cost slightly less than a regular home.

So, what's the advantage of using portacabins?

The key advantage of using portacabin is not the price but the associated benefits. And these benefits include:

1. Ability to relocate the building easily whenever you need to

2. Speed of construction. Your portacabin (or modular home) can be ready within 2-3 weeks from when payment is confirmed.

3. Weight. Portacabins and mobile homes are light weight.

4. No need for soil tests or immovable concrete foundations

What is the difference between portacabin price and container price?

Insulated containers cost 10-15 percent less than portacabins while used shipping shipping containers sold "as is" (that is, without insulation) cost about 80 percent less than a used shipping container converted to container office.

Whatever you want . . . a portable cabin, an insulated container, or a used shipping container sold "as is" . . . we are here to deliver on time and on cost.

Simply use the simple form below to place your order for shipping containers for sale, commercial containers, storage containers, or portacabins for sale.

We will send you a quote promptly.

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