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Malaria Disease Nigeria - The Scourge of Malaria Fever Disease. Free Tips To Protect Yourself.

Malaria disease is one of those diseases that virtually every resident of Nigeria have had to deal with at one time or the other.

What causes malaria disease or malaria fever?

Simple answer . . . malaria parasites from mosquitos.

Mosquitos spread malaria parasites, such as plasmodium, when they bite humans.

These parasites attack the human system and this, over time, results in symptoms like cold, catarrh, weakness of the human muscles and joints, tiredness and sometimes coughing.

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As long as the malaria parasites are active in the patient's system, they will continue to weaken his or her system functionality.

Malaria fever is one disease that results in serious waste of useful man-hours and makes life completely uninteresting and tiresome for the victim.

Serious cases of malaria attack (when left untreated with the right medication) can even lead to death of the patient.

Since malaria disease is so deadly, what is the best approach to deal with it?

Preventing Malaria Attack

The popular saying is, "prevention is better than cure". This certainly applies when it comes to malaria fever disease.

Consequently, the best form of attack against malaria is prevention.How do you prevent malaria attack?Well, we already know that the malaria disease is caused by Mosquito bites. So, the starting point is to eliminate, or at least minimize, the presence of Mosquitos in your neighbourhood.


1. Eliminate stagnant water in your office or home surroundings because stagnant water is the breeding ground for Mosquitos.

2. Use Mosquito nets on your windows in the office and at home

3. Keep your doors always closed

4. Sleep under insecticide treated nets

5. Fumigate your home at least once every week to eliminate Mosquitos that find their way into your apartment

Malaria Treatment

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In the good old days, malaria disease was treated using chloroqine tabs and injection. And many patients had the unsavoury experience of itching all over when they were treated with given chloroquine.

Besides, chloroquine was just too powerful for a lot of people. It practically knocked a lot of people down for a couple of days before they got better.As my friend puts it, "chloroquine enjoys beating malaria so much, and hard, that it mistakenly beats up the person its suppose to be protecting against malaria". The good news is . . . there is a new treatment for malaria. It is a combination therapy of Artesunate and Lumefantrine.

That is the combination therapy as at the time this article was written. By the time you read this article, there may be a new treatment for the malaria in Nigeria.

By the way, you're not suppose to treat yourself. Self-medication is not recommended by doctors. And I don't either.

So if you're looking for the latest and most effective treatment for malaria, the best person to speak with is your family or personal medical doctor.

Do you have malaria symptoms?

Don't adopt self medication like majority of Nigerians do. Go visit your doctor instead.

Do your best to minimize presence of mosquitos in your surroundings. But if malaria still strikes despite your best prevention efforts, be quick to get medical help from a qualified and experienced medical doctor.

Do not underestimate malaria.

Malaria is a common disease in Nigeria with known cure. But it is also a deadly disease that takes human life effortlessly.

So, take my advice. Attack malaria with immense force. And become your productive self as soon as possible.

Do NOT let something as simple as malaria take you away from your beloved family.

Take action immediately malaria symptoms surface. And take your medication religiously.

I wish you good health and long life.

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Malaria Disease Forum - Share Your Experiences

Have you had any experience with malaria?

Share your experience in this malaria forum and let others benefit.

Know of any anti-malaria therapy that works wonders?

Discuss it in the spirit of collaboration.

Help and be helped!

The best part is . . . It's FREE!


1. The message you post here MUST be original and in your own words.

2. Your contribution should be at least 400 words otherwise it will be deleted.

Malaria Forum - Free Tips From Malaria Patients And Doctors

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