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Make Money With Affiliate Programs Lagos Nigeria

by samson

Make Money With Affiliate Programs Lagos Nigeria - Affiliate programs present an opportunity to generate income from a business without huge start up capital. And in many cases, you don't even have to open an office before you can start making money with affiliate programs.

Another good thing with affiliate marketing is this . . . you can start generating income from the business almost immediately.

However, making money with any income opportunity is often not as easy as it sounds.


Simple answer . . . business takes hard work.

So, while affiliate marketing presents an opportunity to make good money, you still have to find people who need the affiliate products you're promoting and persuade them to examine your offer before eventually getting the sale.

When you get the sale, you get paid your commission. But the commission comes only after you get the sale. And the more sale you make, the bigger your commission. And the bigger your commission, the better your standard of living.

The reverse is also true.

The less sale you make, the lower your commission. And the lower your commission amount, the poorer and more dissatisfied you become.

So, by all (honest) means, get the sale!

Bottom line.

It's already proven that you can make money with affiliate programs right here in Lagos Nigeria and everywhere else you live in Nigeria.

It is also established that making money with affiliate programs can be easy or difficult depending on the approach adopted by the affiliate, in this case YOU.

The next obvious question is . . . how do you increase affiliate sales so that you become a super-affiliate or a big time affiliate who makes hundreds of thousands of Naira monthly from your chosen affiliate program?

There are at least three simple steps you can take to increase your affiliate sales.

First, choose an affiliate program that has potential to enable you make money with affiliate programs.

What do I mean?

Well, some products are more difficult to sell than others. So, if you become a member of an affiliate program with products that are difficult to sell, your chances of making money with affiliate programs (or that particular program), will be slim.

For example, suppose the affiliate marketing company you choose to partner with sells high value products that only the rich can afford and your circle of influence is mainly poor average people. Your chances of being able to sell to people in your sphere of influence will be low. And so will your sales.

Of course, the point is clear.

But then, how do you identify an affiliate program that has high potential to make you money?

Use the following criteria.

1. The product should appeal to the target market you have the ability to reach

2. The price should be fair in relation to the income level of people in your target market

3. The product should meet and exceed customers' expectations. That is, the product should over-deliver.

4. The commission should be reasonable

5. The product should encourage repeat purchase for continuous flow of your commission and

6. It should offer commission for life . . . or lifetime commission

A lot of people quickly jump into promoting affiliate programs and mlm products because the company offers really fat commissions. But if the target market cannot afford the product, then sales will be poor. If sales is poor, your chances of making decent income from the affiliate program will be slim.

So, the golden rule to make money with affiliate programs is . . . the product must satisfy the customer.

Since you're in a way also a customer, if you're not totally satisfied with the product, don't promote it simply because the commission is tempting.

A second way to make money with affiliate programs is to develop a constant traffic source . . . a funnel that sends potential clients your way regularly.

When you have a steady flow of prospects, then there is guarantee that you will make money from affiliate marketing.

For example, if you have an average of 100 prospects to your affiliate business daily and your conversion rate is 4 percent, you will sell 4 units of the product daily.

However, if the number of prospects is 50 per day and your conversion rate is still 4 percent, you will sell only 2 products per day.

But how do you get a steady flow of prospects to your affiliate business in the first place?

Simple answer . . . use a funnel.

A funnel?

Yes, a prospect funnel.

What does that mean?

It means that you find a traffic source that consistently delivers targeted traffic to your business every day.

Some have found that traffic source to be . . .

1. A shopping mall with thousands of daily visitors

2. A school with hundreds of students buying stuff every day or

3. A website with thousands of daily visitors

Bottom line.

Making money with affiliate programs require that you find that unique traffic source . . . the funnel that feeds your business with clients every day.

Item 3 above brings us to the third traffic source . . . the internet.

My advice is that you use the internet to generate leads to the affiliate products you promote.


It's because the internet is a low cost way to promote any business . . . whether a regular business or an affiliate business.

When you build a popular hobby or business website with thousands of daily visitors, you sell more.

My number one recommendation for making money with affiliate programs is this . . . use the internet to market affiliate products.

One woman reportedly made over 400,000 USD (about 60 million Naira) in one year with affiliate marketing using the internet. That amounts to about 5 million Naira per month.

You can make money with affiliate programs and in fact generate similar income level by creatively building a hobby or business website that consistently generate leads to your affiliate products.

Ready to make money with affiliate programs?

Follow the advice in this article.

P.S: Take a look at our pay per sale affiliate program. It provides you an opportunity to make fat commission.

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Apr 05, 2011
Our affiliate program
by: samson

We have a pay per sale affiliate program.

We pay affiliates for every paying customer they refer to our business.

See details at . . .


You can also make money from affiliate programs of other companies like insurance partner programs.

Affiliates of insurance companies are often referred to as DSAs (Direct Sales Associates) or simply as insurance agents.

Other partner programs include network marketing programs that are popular in Nigeria.

Give our pay per sale affiliate program a shot. It's free to join.

Visit . . .


. . . for details.

Apr 05, 2011
by: Anonymous


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