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How to make money online in Nigeria - The purpose of this page is to help Nigerians make money from home by developing a profitable online business around the subject they love.

In simple words . . . this page has been created to help you make money online.

Let me explain how this works.

The internet is an electronic medium that connects people worldwide. Millions of people browse the internet daily in search of solutions to their problem.

For example, if you want to make ice cream and you don't have a recipe, just type "ice cream recipe" into the search box in and Google will present to you millions of web sites providing ice cream recipe.

When I did that search in, I was presented with 18.5 million web sites on ice cream recipes.


All of those web sites were built by people.


There are two reasons.

1. To help people who need ice cream recipes and

2. To make money online

In simple words . . . you make money online by providing valuable information that people seek. People will visit your web site because of the information you provide. And when they visit, you make money from their visit.

Best of all, you can do this from home.

You don't need an office. You don't need employees. You don't need a warehouse.

With this business strategy, you make money from home using your computer and your internet connection.

How Much Money Can You Make?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make from your work from home business . . . your internet business.

Some make $1000 U.S. dollars per month. That is, 150,000 Naira per month.

Some others make $10,000 U.S. dollars per month. That is, about 1.5 million Naira per month.

Still others make as much as $30,000 U.S. dollars per month. That is, about 4.5 million Naira per month. And some people make NOTHING. $0.00.

Bottom line.

How much money you make online depends on your determination, commitment, and willingness to learn.

If you follow the simple, "how to make money online" principles that I teach, you could be making over a million Naira per month, every month.

The money will start to trickle in as you develop your web site. As more and more people visit your web site, your income will grow and grow and grow. Soon you could be earning as much as one million Naira per month . . . or even more.

The Secret To Online Business
Success - Site Build It!

Remember that you make money online when people visit your web site. But how will people visit your web site if they cannot find your site?

That is the biggest problem people face.

Fortunately, there is a solution. The Solution is Site Build It!

Site Build It! is the online business software that helps newbies and professional webmasters build a web site that is popular and profitable.

This means that when you use Site Build It! (abbreviated, SBI!) you don't have to worry about whether your web site will make money or not. SBI! guarantees your online business success because it provides you the tools and the education to succeed online.

I know because I use Site Build It!

This web site,, was built with SBI!

As at the time of this writing, this web site receives about 1,400 unique visitors per day. That is about 42,000 unique visitors per month.


Every month I receive by American cheque, pay it into my bank account in Lagos, and collect my money in U.S. dollars.

You can do the same.

Where do you start?

Click HERE to learn more about SBI.

You can also attend the live online business training program I facilitate where I teach participants how to use SBI to launch their online business.

This is a practical training session where I take participants by the hand and help them launch their very own e-business.

Other Ways To Make Money Online

Another way to make money online, and from home, is to join a distributor business where you're paid based on the sales volume you generate and those generated by your team members.

Guess what.

This type of home business opportunity is free to join and you get a free web site when you join.

In fact, some members start to make as much as $1000 per week within 90 days of joining.

Want a free home business opportunity? Want to start earning right away . . . immediately you join?

Simply fill the form below to join our distributor home based business and make money online from home.

P.S: Incomes are not typical. What you earn depends on your marketing skill, leadership skill and commitment and persistence.

NOTE: You need capital to start this business. The start-up capital is =N=142,000. Do not bother filling the form below if you do not have the capital to start the business.

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